Hardware Review: The GlomTom

Comfort is something that everyone needs.  We all desire to feel comfortable, whether it be a comfortable temperature, or sitting or standing comfortably.  But what about when your gaming?  Think about how you sit while you are playing your Xbox One or PS4.  Generally most people hold the controller in their hands, and lean forward resting your elbows on your knees. I’m sure if you think about this, about 90% of you do this while you play.  Its not the worst position to be in, but can get tiresome over time, and its terrible for your posture.

Now normally a hardware review covers some peice of technology designed for gaming, like a controller, mouse, keyboard or headset.  This review will cover a different peice of hardware, one that will change how you find comfort while gaming.  This peice is called the GlomTom, and it is a Gaming Pillow. 

Now while a gaming pillow isn’t a new concept, it isn’t something that has been readily available, or readily used by many.  I’m hoping to change that.  We first saw the GlomTom  at PaxPrime 2014.  Tali and I were wandering around between interviews, on the upper level of the expo hall where a lot of the smaller booths are for Indy gamers.  We saw this pillow thing, and decided to take a closer look.  I’m sure glad we did.  We talked to the guys there demonstrating the GlomTom and once it was free, I sat down on thier sofa, picked up a controller and they fitted the GlomTom around my waist.  I began to play the game they had on their Xbox one. (I can’t recall what it was) I really didn’t even notice the pillow was there, but I did notice I was leaned back against the back of the sofa, legs comfortable, arms rested on the top of the GlomTom.  Now to demonstrate the comfort, one of the exhibitors remove the pillow while I was playing.  Immediately I leaned forward, rested my arms on my knees, and it just wasn’t as comfortable.  I was astounded at how differently it felt, and I had been gaming without it for years!  I wanted it back.  I suggested Tali try it out also, and her experience was the exact same.  This thing is amazing.

Now at the time of writing this we’ve had our GlomTom for only a few weeks, and didn’t have much use out of it due to living busy lives, and just having come back from PaxPrime 2015.  It took us a while to purchase the GlomTom due to the fact the company still can’t ship them to Canada.  We managed to circumvent this issue when a family friend was travelling to the USA and we managed to have them shipped down there and they were driven back.  After discussing this issue with the GlomTom people at PaxPrime 2015, they are working hard to try and solve this issue.  I’ll keep you updated as I hear any news.

Back to whats important, the GlomTom.  This pillow is made with a suede type cover, is about 4″ thick and very sturdy, and it will hold up over time. The cover is also removable for easy cleaning. On the front of the pillow is a logo’d pocket that can be used to store a controller, water bottle, or cellphone, all within easy reach while using it.  Heck you could even put in a spare battery for your controller (if by chance it doesn’t have a rechargeable battery).  Overall the construction of the GlomTom is quite well done, and as I said, its very comfortable.

In the end, this pillow is a “must have” for any avid gamer.  Don’t knock it until you try it, and once you do, you will want to buy one.

If you’d like to purchase a GlomTom, head over to their Website

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