Hardware Review: Scuf Gaming Custom Console Controllers (Part 1 – Xbox One Infinity)

I’m going to start off with a statement.  I am a PC gamer.  I always have been, and probably will be for the most part for the rest of my life.  For me, my tools are the keyboard and mouse.  I have used game controllers before, after all, I do own last gen consoles (PS3, Xbox 360, Wii-U) as well as a Switch, which we purchased as a house gift for the family this Christmas.  Controllers are not my first thought when it comes to gaming.  While I have used controllers over the years, for PC gaming, they are a must -have for any console gaming, which really means it isn’t something I am going to generally think about.

With that being said, there are use-case scenario’s for a game controller for the PC.  For instance racing games are always a little better when played with a controller, whether it be a racing wheel, or a stick.  It is just something that is easier and more enjoyable when playing with a controller than mashing keys.  FPS games, give me a keyboard/mouse as I am not coordinated enough to use the standard two thumb-sticks on most controllers.  It just makes me feel awkward.

Now when Game-Refraction discussed setting up an interview with Scuf gaming for Pax West 2017, we were very interested in the products they provide.  I was intrigued to say the least, and after setting up an interview, we were sent 2 controllers for review, one was the Infinity controller (for Xbox One) and the other was the Impact (For PS4).  Both of these controllers are similar but very different, so we decided to break up the review into 2 parts, each covering one of the controllers.  When they arrived we decided who was going to use which controller.  Tali quickly snagged the Red Impact controller, and I used the Grey/Blue infinity controller.  Since we don’t own a Xbox One or PS4, both controllers we used with a windows PC.

I already covered an unboxing for both controllers, but what I can tell you is the packaging for both controllers is top notch.  Beyond this, if you want to read our unboxing, I recommend you do so now, before reading any further.

Scuf Gaming creates custom game controllers for the PS4 and Xbox One, which both are compatible with the PC.  Now the key word here is Custom, as their website has a huge list of options, colors, patterns and customization that are available.  You can basically build your dream controller for you, as you want.  Be warned though, you have to stick to the form factor laid out for the controller you buy.  You can’t change its shape or general layout, but you can add items like map-able triggers to the bottom, longer trigger on the top, and you can also add a control disc where the D-pad is.  Scuf Gaming’s website is very detailed and covers pretty much any design you could possibly want. To be honest I found myself overwhelmed from my experience on the site.

Now the Scuf Gaming Xbox One Infinity controller is shaped as per a usual Xbox One controller.  The colors of the top and buttons can be changed to your choosing, we chose a silver top with blue buttons.  The color name on their website is Anodized Aluminum with anodized blue buttons (paste image from website).  The thumb-sticks have a few options available from stock Xbox One types, to concave tops (rounded) as well as different heights depending on your needs.  Also to note that the thumb-sticks can be removed and replaced easily with the use of the removal tool to unlock the retaining ring.  The retaining ring can also be color matched to your color scheme for the controller. Having this feature is amazing, as I’ve had to replace thumb-sticks before on a few controllers where they have broken off or worn out.  The back side of the infinity controller contains a battery door (for wireless use) as well as 4 paddles which are mapped to the 4 front buttons (A,B,X,Y) and with the option of being able to be remapped by use of an EM key.  The triggers on the top of the controller can be adjusted to reduce latency, you can add a grip to the bottom and remove the rumble option if you find it annoying.  Pretty much everything can be adjusted, the customization of these controllers is outstanding.

Now as I mentioned above, this controller was used on a PC.  This is done by connecting the provided 10 foot braided USB cable (batteries not required).  The cable itself is well built, with EMI (Electro-magnet Interference) shields placed at both ends to prevent signal cross-talk from other devices, and the connectors are color matched to the systems colors (blue for PS4, green for Xbox One).  To me these cables were pretty standard but the main thing that caught my eye was the fact that it was braided.  I tested out the controller on a few different games, from driving simulation (Farming Simulator 2015) to RPG style games (The Swapper, HoB).  I won’t use it on any FPS type games.


The Scuf Gaming Infinity controller felt comfortable in my hands and I never had have any issues while using the controller.  The interfacing with a PC was flawless, with tons of support for Xbox and PS4 controllers built into Steam.  I never really used the bottom paddles much, but when I did they worked just as advertised, being mapped to buttons on the front.  The Infinity controller itself has an amazing build quality, and I enjoyed the feel of it.  The grips on the bottom kept it firm in my hand, even after extended gaming.  The thumb-sticks felt fluid and well constructed.

Overall, I was very impressed with the infinity controller.  It felt good in my hand, and was comfortable to use.  I enjoyed having the option to use it and I think if you have the time and the money to spend, everyone should buy at least 1 of the controllers from Scuf gaming at some point.  You are worth it.


  • Comfortable
  • Huge customization Options
  • Braided USB cable


  • Price

I want to thank Scuf Gaming for sending the Infinity controller for us to review.

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