Hardware Review: Logitech G700 Gaming Mouse

Mice are by far the most used computer component aside from the keyboard.  You use a mouse every time you use a computer, move around that little arrow thing on your screen.  At its most basic, a mouse consists of a body, a couple of buttons and some sort of device to monitor the movement, be it a laser or a ball.  Over time, the mouse has evolved into a multi-faceted device capable of covering many different applications, most of which are used in gaming.

Logitech has long been a favorite brand of mine for computer peripherals.  Over the years I’ve owned many mice manufactured by Logitech, as well as a gaming keyboard (Logitech G11) and a gaming Keypad (Logitech G13).  I first discovered the Logitech G700 at PaxPrime 2010. I am the type of person that finds mouse comfort #1 on my list of reasons to buy a mouse.  Having tested out a demo unit at PaxPrime, I fell in love with the comfort of the mouse.  I also remember briefly looking over the different aspects of the mouse but I ended up buying one anyway, knowing I would look over the features in more depth once I got my new toy home and hooked it up.

Ergonomic Shape

As I mentioned above, one of the top features I look for in a mouse, is comfort while using it.  Gamer’s use mice religiously to play their games, whether it be a First Person Shooter (FPS) or a Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA).  Having a comfortable mouse is key to those long stretches of gaming, so your hand does not cramp up.  The G700 has a nice shape for right handed gamers (sorry lefty’s) and is comfortable to use.  I’ve used the G700 for very long periods of time with no hand cramps or pain.  The mouse fits comfortably in my hand and no hand gymnastics are required to be able to reach all the buttons.

Wired & Wireless

The G700 is a hybrid mouse, in the fact that it can run both wired to your computer, and wirelessly if you so desire.  The mouse comes with a USB micro wireless adapter, which can neatly store in the bottom of the mouse for transportation, but it is also slim enough to stay connected without becoming an issue when transporting your laptop.  The G700 comes with a Sanyo Eneloop NiMH rechargeable AA battery to power it when not running off USB power, but don’t expect to get a lot of gaming done, as the battery will only last about 9 hrs per charge.  The good news is the mouse can be charged and used at the same time using the USB connection cable, which plugs into any computer and mouse, and is long enough to work well on most desktops.  Logitech refers to this as a Wireless to Data Over Cable.  Having used wireless mice previously that need to be docked to charge (Logitech MX1000), being able to charge and use at the same time is a great feature.

Programmable Buttons

Most gamers will love the ability to program buttons, whether it is on a keyboard or mouse, programming quick keys or macro’s just makes the gaming experience that much better.  While you are gaming, your hand is already on your mouse, so why not put those extra buttons to use, without having to move your hand?  A perfect example for me is I setup a push-to-talk (ptt) hotkey on one for the buttons for Teamspeak, which is excellent as I can then enable my mic using the ptt hotkey without actually moving my hand.  Very convenient.  Logitech makes tasks like this easy and simple with their Logitech Gaming Software (LGS).  This is the same software used with the G13.  Profiles for games are linked together across devices, making it seamless and simple to create macros.  The G700 can also be programmed to change sensitivity in game via programmable buttons.

Smooth Gliding Feet

The G700 has Low-friction polytetrafluoroethylene feet, which provide friction-less movement over almost all surfaces.  They cover a good portion of the bottom of the mouse, and are made to last.  After having this mouse for so many years, I am still finding the feet in good shape, and should last me for a while more.

Dual-mode Scroll Wheel & Durable buttons

For years the scroll wheel has become an integral part of any mouse, and the dual-mode scroll wheel allows you to step scroll through websites, or smooth scroll to the bottom with the simple press of a button.  This button has a genuine mechanical click to it when pressed, so its easy to tell whichever mode you are in.

The main buttons on the G700 are made with durable mechanical switches, which have been tested to over 20 million clicks in its lifespan.

Fast Sampling & Gaming Grade Laser

With all gaming mice, speed and accuracy count big, and the G700 is no slouch.  With a sample rate as fast as 1000 times per second, and up to 8900 dpi, this mouse can get pretty much any job done.  I have yet to have any issues with it regarding speed or accuracy.  Granted I mostly find a single dpi acceptable for pretty much any game, but those hardcore gamers will love being able to switch between the different settings.  The gaming grade laser will work along a wide variety of surfaces.  I’ve tested this mouse on a tabletop surface, with and without a mouse-pad, and have never had any issues.  There are also 3 LED’s on the side to show battery level, plus which DPI setting you are using/switching to.


I’m very particular with my mouse, and the G700 fit a special niche for me when I first tried it.  Since purchasing it, I’ve never thought about going to any other mouse.  I’ve tried out Tali’s MadCatz Rat5, but I’m more comfortable with my G700.  While it does have a short battery lifespan, I don’t worry about it much as most of the time I’m using this mouse on a wired connection.  The ability to replace the battery is great, but that is only if the battery is available in the market.  Sanyo Eneloops have been out for a while now, and might not be available for purchase.  I’ve also ran into problems of the outer finish wearing out as most of them do with the oils and residue on your hands.  While it isn’t a detrimental effect it does look a little unsightly.  Logitech has released a 2nd generation of the G700, called the G700s where they redesigned the exterior a little.  This might combat the wear I’ve come to know, but I have not had a chance to test one for an extended period of time. Overall this is a great mouse, and I would recommend it to anyone looking to get a good dependable gaming mouse.


  • Comfortable
  • Lots of customization with 13 programmable buttons
  • Great quality of feet and laser


  • Exterior shows wear after a few years of use
  • Battery life is short @ 9hrs
  • NiMH battery
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