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Hardware Review: HyperX Fury Full Mouse pad

Mouse pads, everyone has one, or used one daily when you use a computer.  They allow you to move your mouse more fluidly on any surface.  While some people prefer the flat surface of your desk or counter, depending on where you are using your computer/laptop, generally you will have a mouse pad with you just because it feels nicer.

I can’t recall what my very first mouse pad looked like.  I am going to guess it was of the rubber/fabric type because those types of mouse pads were pretty much the staple back in the day.  As it would happen, they are still very popular today, but there is more variety around with different types of surfaces which cover pretty much anyone’s preference.

The HyperX Fury Mouse Pad is a fabric mouse pad, with a rubber backing.  The particular one I have been testing out is classed as a ‘Full Size’ mouse pad, meaning it is large.  Full size pads are meant to cover a larger surface area of your desk, allowing you maximum ‘mousing’ space.  They are generally large enough to sit under your keyboard, and give you enough space you could move your mouse on any sensitivity without running out of space.

HyperX Fury with the PulseFire FPS mouse

The HyperX Fury pad measures 900mm x 420mm, which is the biggest one available from HyperX.  It has a fabric textured top, with a rubber backing.  The fabric on top is very smooth to the touch, and provides excellent mouse movement, with it feeling like there is almost zero friction.  I found that with two mice I used to test, the Logitech G700 and the HyperX PulseFire FPS, the HyperX mouse felt a whole lot better on the Fury pad.  Comparing this to my Steelseries 4D Pro hard mouse pad, the Pulsefire FPS didn’t feel as nice to use on that surface when compared with the G700.

Now not long ago, I reviewed another full size mouse pad by Antlion Audio – the Pro Gaming MM28.  Having the two side by side, there isn’t much of a difference in feel and build quality.  I only had the Logitech G700 mouse at the time I tested the MM28 by AntLion.  To me, the mouse friction feel was pretty much the same, and both provided an excellent mousing surface.  The main difference between the two pads, was the AntLion Pro Gaming MM28 pad, had stitching around the perimeter of the pad, providing a nice bit of extra strength to the pad.  While the Fury doesn’t have this stitching, I am concerned that over time, the cloth surface will begin to break away from the rubber backing.  Also along this line of thought I have felt a sharp edge on my wrist, from the adhesive on the lip of the HyperX Fury, which could be from my angle or seating position.  While I have gotten used to it since I’ve been testing, it was very uncomfortable in the beginning.  Having the stitching around the edge would make for a more solid product.

Overall the HyperX Fury Mouse Pad is an excellent choice for a mouse pad that has zero friction to your mousing surface, and you will definetly enjoy using this pad.  As for sizes, HyperX offers a variety of sizes, the smallest being 290mm x 240mm.  The range in sizes allows you to pick the optimal size for your workspace.

  • Large surface
  • Little to no friction for mouse movement
  • excellent rubber backing provides amazing grip
  • Sharp edge from adhesive
  • No stitching means fabric surface could wear off rubber backing

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