Hardware Review: AntLion Pro Gaming MM-28 Uber-Wide MousePad

Mousepads.  What can we say about them?  We all have used them, and I am sure if you look down at your desk, you would see one either on the left or right of your keyboard.  I have had several mousepads over my lifetime, and they generally come in any shape, size and surface type to suit pretty much anyone’s tastes.

Today, I am going to review the AntLion Pro-Gaming MM-28 Uber-wide mousepad.  This isn’t just an ordinary mousepad.  The main feature you would probably notice right away is the size.  The Uber-Wide measures 900mm(36”) x 300mm(12”).  A large mousepad, which requires a large surface to put it on.  Generally you would use it as a mouse surface, and a surface for your keyboard.  Other uses this mousepad is perfect for would be for a lap desk, if you do any couch PC gaming.  That last fact was what drew me to the Uber-wide from AntLion.  I have plans for a lap desk setup for Tali, as her PC is hooked up to the main TV in our household. More on that later


The AntLion Uber-wide mousepad comes in a tall narrow box, with the mousepad wrapped up in plastic inside.  The box is sturdy, and survived the shipping it needed to get to our house, of course it was packed in a larger shipping box, but this box was well constructed.  Once opened the plastic can be removed and the mousepad unrolled.  The box can be kept if you desire, to make transporting the Uber-wide to different places if you plan to take it with you on your travels.



The Uber-wide mousepad is a fabric surface mousepad with a nice stitched edge around the whole pad.  The underside is rubber to prevent the mousepad from slipping.  The surface is excellent for mousing on, and provides great mouse friction.  When comparing it to my usual mousepad, a SteelSeries QcK+ mousepad, I don’t notice any friction difference other than the fact the Uber-wide is a fabric pad, and the SteelSeries is a hard pad.  Personally I prefer the Uber-wide for the nicer, less hard feel.


The End Result

Overall the Uber-wide from AntLion is an excellent mousepad.  With a cost of $19.95 USD for one, the price is very reasonable and comparable with other brands. I currently plan to use this one in a build-log I am planning for Tali’s lap desk in the coming months, but I am also considering one for myself also to replace my SteelSeries mousepad.  While it is a large pad, it does the job very well, and provided you have the surface space to use one of these mouse pads, it is worth getting one.  My only complaints that I have (and I am grasping at finding faults here) is the fact my desk has a U shape, which makes fitting this mousepad a little awkward, but still doable.  Also, if your height on your chair is a bit lower than it should be, you might find the stitching along the edge digging into your wrist a little.  Like I said, these are not faults in the product itself, but faults with my current desk setup.

So are you interested in buying an Uber-wide mousepad?  Click the AntLion logo below to head to their website, and get one ordered.  You won’t be disappointed.

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