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Hardware Review: Wii-U Pro Controller


I am fairly new to the Wii-U, only having the ability to play it since late August 2014. In the first few times playing, we played Mario Kart 8, and Mario World 3D.  Being the new player, I got to use the Wii-U/Wii Remotes for these games.  Immediately I found myself sucking bad, having an awful time playing anything on the Wii-U.  Upon a trip to our local Future Shop, I found the Wii-U Pro Gaming Controller and thought it looked intriguing.  I decided on a whim to pick it up, and I now feel, after using it for almost every game session on the Wii-U since, that it was a great investment.

The Wii-U pro controller, is very standard in form factor to the Xbox360/PS3 controllers you find today.  It has the standard dual thumb-sticks as well as a directional D-Pad for the left hand.  On the right side you find the normal X,Y,A,B buttons.  There are the left/right shoulder buttons, and 2 left/right trigger buttons (labeled ZL/ZR respectively).  The controller does not have any motion control sensors, so there is no motion controls like the standard Wii/Wii-u remotes.  The controller has an apparent 1300mAH battery, equivalent to the Nintendo 3DS, and said to last about 80hrs of game time per charge, but as yet, I have not had any need to charge it.  The Controller connects via Bluetooth, and each Wii-U console is capable of supporting up to 4 pro controllers.

I’ve gone on to use the Wii-U Pro controller with every game I play on the Wii-U.  So far it has made every game more enjoyable for me, and comfortable in my hands.  I no longer have the squarish corners of the remote digging into my palms, or the lack of thumb-sticks to  make controlling the games clumsy.  Everything is very responsive and smooth.

In the end, if you own a Wii-U, its worth buying the Wii-U Pro controller.  It makes gaming a whole lot more of an enjoyable experience if you don’t have to use the remotes.  I definitely recommend this product, and feel it was the best accessory for the Wii-U.


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