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Hardware Review: Gamecom Commander Limited Edition

As every gamer knows, you are only as good as the gear you game with.  This is important whether it is a keyboard, mouse or headset.  Any great gamer knows being able to hear or be heard while playing games is huge when it comes to the actual gaming experience.  If you use headphones they every gamer knows they must be comfortable, but most of all, they must have great sound.   The Camecom Commander by Plantronics is no exception to this rule.  Being a top of the line PC headset, you might be wondering why you would want to purchase one of these.  Here at New Eden Radio we were lucky enough to get our hands on 2 of these units, and Daggaroth and I will both review different aspects of the headset and by the end of both these reviews, we hope you will have enough information to decide if one of these beauties are for you.

Before we begin, let us review the base features of this headset unit.

Base Features

  • Tournament-ready noise isolation, game audio, and voice communication
  • HD stereo sound with extended frequency response from 40mm drivers
  • Noise-canceling, closed-ear design and ruggedized mic
  • Durable, lightweight components for maximum comfort and long-term use
  • Laser-etched, limited edition serial number
  • QuickDisconnect adapters for switching between PC, smartphone and tablet
  • USB sound card for 7.1 surround sound
  • Customizable headband identity patch
  • Travel case for storage and display
  • Inline volume and mute controls
  • 5mm plugs for analog compatibility

With that out of the way, we can go into the meat and potatoes of this review with the unboxing of the unit itself.


img-gamecom-commander-system-caseThe headset was shipped in a standard brown cardboard box.  Inside the shipping box was this nice and simply designed grey box. This box listed only the Plantronics GameCom logo, and the item part number.

Inside the box was another container.  This one is the carry case for the headset itself.  So if wanted to know how portable this headset is, this should be a good indication of just how portable it is.

Inside this case contains the headset and a bunch of other accessories that are included with them.  Everything fits perfectly into the case, so you can take it all with you wherever you happen to go.  Included in the case is the following

  • The headset
  • Length of cord including inline volume control/mic mute switch
  • USB external 7.1 surround cadapter
  • Triple connection 3.5mm phono cord (For phones/Tablets)

Durability & Comfort

gamecom-commanderComfort is a big factor for me when I am in the market for headphones/headset.  The Gamecom Commander ranks very high for the comfort factor.  As a proud owner of the Gamecom 777 headset I was very excited to try out the Gamecom Commander.  The Gamecom Commander was no disappointment when I first put it on.  While heavier than the Gamecom 777 due to its metal parts, Gamecom Commander was not lacking in any comfort factor. It fit nicely on my head, and the extra weight was not really noticeable after a decent amount of time wearing it.  The headband is adjustable to fit any size of head and the padding on the top made it sit very comfortably.  The ear cups have a lot of padding that will keep your ears from hurting from wearing for long periods, though there is no way for air circulation, so after long periods of time, you might find your ears getting sweaty.


Having used the Gamecom 777 by Plantronics for the past 2 years I was no stranger to the sound quality of the headsets Plantronics make.  I tested the Gamecom Commander for a while listening to different styles of music in order to get a feeling of it. I was pleasantly surprised that the sound quality was just as good as you would expect from a headset such as this.  Deep bass songs, like Dubstep sounded crisp and deep, and most other songs sounded extremely good.  When compared to the Gamecom 777 the Commander seemed to have a bit less bass.  If using the USB adapter with the headset, the 7.1 surround can sometimes take away from the quality of music being listened to.  I recommend disabling the 7.1 by way of the switch on the adapter itself.


159175_detailThe Gamecom Commander was built to be portable.  With the headset shipping in a great carry case  to keep all the accessories, cables and the headset, you can’t beat the portability.  The headset itself has a break-away clip close to the headset itself, allowing you to disconnect any cables, this clip is also great for snags, as the clip will disconnect if the cord gets stuck on something and prevent the headset from ripping itself out of your computer or off your head.


If you are in the market for a decent headset to command the troops into battle, this is an excellent headset.  It has clear and crisp sound quality, an excellent boom mic, and great comfort.   The quality of this headset is extremely good, and if you frequent any LAN parties or even take your gaming on the road with you, this headset is great for travel.

Price: $300

Durability & Comfort: Excellent

Sound: Great

Portability: Excellent

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