With the rise of technology and the continued growth of the geek gaming world, it is not uncommon to find unique and reinvented items around you that have taken on a geek form in one way or another. Beyond the days of just rocking the symbol on a T-shirt of your favorite super hero or video game character… the icons and symbols that represent a rising phase in everything geek are being brought to media and everyday products. 

Thus from this, brings my new idea in highlighting monthly one of the many geek products that I stumble upon and bring them to a bigger audience….and to enhance how big the geek market has integrated itself into our present world.

So whether you are a gamer, anime lover, overall geek enthusiast… I am sure that you will find yourself hyped for the various monthly highlights!

This month’s Geek Obsession is…..


Ok, so who doesn’t drool over some of the recipes that you can make in various games? I mean, yes, its not like you have random stacks of rat meat sitting around or a bottle of Nuka Cola in the fridge…but you sure can improvise.

While I know there are tons and tons of geek and gamer cookbooks on the market around the world, I thought I would highlight some of the ones that I took an interest in, and for many have added (or have at least pre-ordered/ordered) for my future cooking endeavors.

Fallout: The Vault Dweller’s Official Cookbook 
(Available: October 23, 2018)  

Finally, a book that makes all the Fallout fans dreams come true. Who hasn’t dreamed of tasting a smooth Nuka Cola float while roasting in the sun, or devouring some Braised Deathclaw Steak with a side of YumYum Deviled Eggs. This cookbook provides you with in game inspired recipes that will improve your S.P.E.C.I.A.L. and keep your energy high as you navigate the eternal wasteland. 

Pre-order your copy by following the below links:

The Bethesda Store


The Elder Scrolls: The Official Cookbook
(Available: March 19, 2019)

Still wondering what is so great about the revered Sweet Roll that every character talks about? Well now you can make them for yourself and be the judge. This cookbook entails recipes based on popular food found from all over the lands — Skyrim, Morrowing, Tamriel and beyond, allowing you to immerse yourself in the unique cuisines of the various races. These recipes are sure to delight the Dragonborn in us all (just watch for arrows in the kitchen — we all know how one to the knee can be endgame).

Pre-order your copy by following the below links:


A Feast of Ice and Fire: The Official Game of Thrones Companion Cookbook

Most of the population has either seen the TV series or at least read the books from the Game of Thrones saga, and there is always some of the most decadent dishes within the scenic roots. Now, there is a way to enjoy cuisine from The Seven Kingdoms in your own home anytime of the day. 

Get your copy by following the below links:


iTunes Store:

Adventure Time : The Official Cookbook

Adventure Time is a twisted and very awkward show in itself, so why would its cookbook be any less quirky. Finn, along with the other citizens of Ooo have gotten together and came up with some of the most wild food recipes that will take you on a zany cooking experience…oh the pouring…oh the mixing! 

Get your copy by following the below link:


World of Warcraft: The Official Cookbook

Prepare for the feast of Azeroth, with recipes both sweet and savory that are inspired by the races from both the Horde and Alliance alike. Let your mouth water over such recipes as Dragonbreath Chili or the Bloodberry Tart. The cookbook even gives recommendations for food pairings and even adaptation for special diets. Even the most apprentice level chefs can level up fast with the quick tips.

Get your copy by following the below links:


The Nerdy Nummies Cookbook: Sweet Treats For The Geek In All Of Us

Based off the popular internet baking show Nerdy Nummies by baker Rosanna Pansino, this cookbook contains some of her most favourite unique and quirky recipes. All the recipes have a great mix of geek culture and baking. The tasty treats are all simple and fun to make, and bring the creative geek out of all.

Get your copy by following the below links:


The Pokemon Cookbook: Easy And Fun Recipes

Right now everyone is hooked on Pokemon Go, and so why not bring those Pokeballs to life in one of the 35 easy and fun recipes contained in this cookbook. Nothing more cute than a Pikachu face pancake or a Pokeball sushi roll. Even the more amateur cook can catch ’em all.

Get your copy by following the below links:


So many tasty treats….and this is only a handful of the variety of available cookbooks. I look forward to putting my personal touches on any of these unique recipes.

Looking forward to bringing a light upon more fun Geek Obsessions in the months to come!

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