In today’s world, having something that is exclusive and unique is a feature that many geeks strive to gain in one way or another. Like getting invited to an exclusive closed beta for the Fallout 76 game, or maybe you win a pair of the latest HyperX gear at an expo… all things that everyone wants to get their hands on….and yet sometimes only a select few can ever have.

But what if you could have something that is so unique, it is fully designed and customized to meet your geek gaming personality, and will be 100% exclusive to you….

This months Geek Obsession is…. 


Ok, so yes, this is XBOX exclusive obsession. Yes there are MULTIPLE customization brands and companies for various peripherals and such out there. But, recently XBOX Design Lab has increased their customization options by adding two new body layouts and various other colour and feature choices…. so I figured that this would be a great obsession to focus on this month.

Not to mention….Christmas season is just around the corner…. *wink*

So to start off, for those who are not aware….what exactly is XBOX Design Lab?!?

XBOX Design Lab ( allows for you to design a custom XBOX wireless controller, with upwards of a billion different colour and upgrade combinations.

This controller works with all XBOX One types (original/S/X) and also in combination with Windows 7/8.1/10 devices (thank you Microsoft). 

It also has Bluetooth, and the 3.5mm stereo headset jack for all the connection hookups you will need to dive into your games head-on.

Within each customization, there are various colour and design options to truly give you the freedom to make the controller totally your own, whether it is using classic button designs, to making a wild colour combination to show off your wild geek personality. 

Some of the enhanced customization, such as rubberized grips or metallic colours add to the overall cost, but in my opinion is work every dollar.

The various features of the controller you can customize are:

Body (Standard/Camo/Shadow

Back (Standard/Rubberized Grips)


Triggers (Standard/Metallic)

D-Pad (Standard/Metallic)


ABXY Buttons

View & Menu Buttons


With all the colour options, and enhancements that you can choose from, the controller can be a reflection of whatever side of you that you want. Maybe you want a controller with the colours of your favourite sports team, or maybe you are a Call of Duty gamer so you want some desert camo to get yourself in the zone.,…or maybe you like to be wild and pick the brightest colour combos you can find. It is entirely up to you.

I personally think this is a cost effective way for XBOX to draw in the gamers, because who wouldn’t be so excited to be able to have their own controller that they can bring along to couch gaming parties… be the stand out one in the sea of basic black controllers. Even better for a gaming family, each person has their own controller so no more fighting over who gets which one.

Now that I have gone through and designed myself a “Crim-worthy” controller, I will be looking to order it and have it shipped to me in the near future. When it arrives, look forward to a unboxing post to show you in reality how your dream design comes to life. 

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