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It’s a new year…and time to get back to the grind in more ways than one. I know that I have missed the last few months of GEEK OBSESSIONS but the craziness of the real world got too much in the way — overload at work, holidays and the life with a preschooler.

Anyhow, here we are starting off fresh so lets get down to my selected obsession for this month.

Wherever you go, there is various branded products available for people to use to show off their interests or just to simply collect. This can come in the form of branded clothing, house decor and even figurines…. just to name a few.

Thus….my Geek Obsession for January is:

Funko POP! Vinyls

While there are many different figure brands on the market, from Dorbz to Mystery Mini, the POP! Vinyls were the brand to basically pave the way to mass figurine dominance of the collectible world.

Mike Becker, the original genius behind the vinyl collectibles found that replicas were an item that would go for mass amounts of money online. He decided could develop a fun way to replicate popular media for a more affordable price, thus coming up with the concept for the POP! Vinyls. But besides just making a replica of reality, he wanted them to be unique and to stand out in design.

When POP! Vinyls first came on the market, there were a few made for super popular characters in a game or movie, but there wasn’t the greatest variety….it was something that most people would just buy as a novelty item or a random purchase.

With development over time and further partnerships, Funko (the company behind the POP! Vinyls) was able to secure more and more licences to replicate more of the current hot topics and characters.

Now… these little figurines with the oversized head and big bold eyes are everywhere and you can find practically any character you wish from a favourite TV show, movie or game if you take the time to search. Or if you just want instant gratification, order them directly from the Funko website. (

These are some of the POP! Vinyls that I have:

The great thing about these vinyl characters is that they are made very sturdy, so even a kid getting their fingers on them along with tossing and smashing about, will cause these figures to sustain damage. They are a fair size in height, enough to be able to show deep details, but not so large that it takes up an entire shelf. They are perfect for a display in all those small gaps between things on your desk or shelf.

They are a unique way to show your love of a character and are much more affordable than some other specialty collectibles, besides….don’t those eyes just suck you in!?

So whether you are into collecting figurines, POP! Vinyl, bobbleheads, Dorbz, or any of the other brands on the market….or none at all, it is great to have products on the market available to show of your personal geek obsessions.

For an additional cool feature, Funko has a “Pop Yourself” page on its website that allows you to design yourself as a POP! Vinyl and share with your friends. Mine is displayed below. Give it a try using the link below.

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