The simplest part about being a common geek or nerd in 2019, is that society is becoming one that is more accepting of different types of style, personality and perspective. Its kind of more mainstream to have a unique style or to become a trendsetter than in the past, new and personable are the in right now.

I find, the most common way that a geek shows off their style is in their swag and personal touches to everyday appearance. I’m not talking the typical anime hair you may find, I’m talking seeing people wearing Fallout shirts, or rocking the emblem of their team from Pokémon Go on a hat or even just a wristband from a favorite video game.

I mean there are extreme geeks who take it further and their house is decked out — shower curtains, wash cloths, bedding, etc..

There are so many ways now to get your hands on any kind of geek product you desire, thanks to the wonders of online shopping,.

This month, I want to focus on one very popular and unique website that is the #1 shop for all things geek — Loot Crate.

Loot Crate provides people with the option to subscribe to various monthly boxes (or some special quarterly boxes) that are packaged with nifty little collectables and wearables from unique “crate” types based on specific themes. There are multiple crates to pick from under four main categories: Pop Culture, Gaming, TV + Movie and Sci FI + Fantasy.

Now to cover all of Loot Crate all at once would be a lot of work, so let me just focus this month on one crate type that I personally have invested money into.

My Geek Obsession for February is:


Nothing is more cool than wearing something that scream pop culture — from intimates like socks and undies to fun hoodies and beanies.

The exciting part of LootWear, is that it is based on specific themes each month and all you are told is what show/game the item will feature – but will leave the element of surprise to the actual look of the design.

February 2019

Loot Wear allows you to make monthly subscriptions to one of the five different “wear” categories: Wearables, Tees, For Her, Socks (two socks types per month) and Underwear.

There are also two different bundles available: Socks + Wearables and Tees + Socks + Underwear.

As in most subscriptions, you can choose to have a reoccurring subscription of monthly, three months, six months and yearly.

Unlike many local shops that only seem to carry the smaller sizes – LootWear has shirt sizes from XS to 5XL, waist sizes up to 3XL and unisex shoe size to XL. This means that EVERYONE can enjoy rocking their new swag every month comfortably.

What I love the most about LootWear, is that it is a way to have something unique to wear, that is geeky…but fun at the same time. Plus, how exciting is it to every month open up your package to see what the secret design of the product looks like. There is enough variety of subscription wear types that there is something for everyone.

Also, the cost of the subscription is fair and well within reasonable cost for the quality of product (no cheap material used).

To start I invested in the LootWear Socks subscription (would have done the Tee/Socks/Underwear but in December 2018 there was a shortage in sizes available due to holiday season). Luckily, adding and switching between bundles subscriptions is as simple as a click on your online profile!

LootWear Socks – November 2018 (Discovery Theme)

My first package came just in time for Christmas (December 21 thank you postal strikes!). The socks come as one size fits all, crew style sock. Very sturdy material and well etched in design.

Perhaps the only downside right now, is that it is February and I have yet to receive my socks for December and January – but due to the postal strikes and weather issues – international delivery was backlogged but tracking says they are on their way soon! (cross fingers).

Plus…look at the themes for February’s socks!! (better be BioShock if you ask me!)

I love the creativity behind the gear found in LootWear, and it is a product subscription that I highly recommend for any geek out there — and it makes a great gift for all those cozy geeks in your life.

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