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Game Review: WWE Immortals


The Superstars and Divas of the WWE are already made to be larger than life personalities, and WWE Immortals just takes these to the next level. Alternate reality versions that play off of their nicknames (Daniel Bryan as an actual goat-man) and traits (Triple H`s special trait is called `Best for Business`) and places them into a fighting game seems to be a logical marketing technique.

NetherRealm and Warner Bros. Interactive (with help from Phosphor Game Studios) are working well within their comfort zone here. It really is like Mortal Kombat with WWE wrestlers, minus the blood and gore. In terms of gameplay, it’s closer to the mobile version of Injustice: Gods Among Us, with almost identical controls.


WWE Immortals is 3-on-3 combat using taps and swipes to attack and two-finger taps and holds to block. The other characters on your team can be tagged in at any time, and a fight only ends when all three members of one team are out of health (signified by a KO).

And while it’s not normal WWE grappling, the familiar signature moves of the wrestlers come through in the specials you can pull off once your Adrenaline bar fills to a certain amount and the finishers are made to be over the top.

There are multiple versions of some of the characters, who range from Bronze to Gold rarity. New wrestlers can be won through gameplay, purchased in packs with the in-game currency or once you save up enough Immortal credits. All of them start with just one signature move, with others unlocked as you level them up and either find the right card or pay the credits.

The fighting style leaves room for some strategy and player customization, as teaming characters with allies or rivals will grant various bonuses.


The Stamina system is made to run like most mobile games, wherein to do a match in game mode, it will cost your players some stamina. When the character stamina is too low for the level fight, you need to swap out for a different character. Luckily you can buy stamina points (to keep your favorite fighter on the team) or just allow the stamina levels refill overtime.

The one thing this game is lacking is more diversity of characters to play as. Currently there are many characters to choose from, but many are just different versions of the same wrestler.

The simplicity of the fighting system still has room for some interesting strategy, as teaming characters with their allies or rivals grants them different bonuses. There are also plenty of things to keep you busy, though the Stamina system can be a bit onerous since you use it for every game mode.

Overall the game is a big hit, building on the already popularity of many of the WWE superstars and is a game that will keep you well entertained. I enjoy battle style games and so it was very appealing to my gaming style.


WWE Immortals is available for download for iOS and Android.

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