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Game Review: Super Smash Bros. (Wii-U)

After having played Super Smash Bros. for a while now, I can certainly grasp why this game genre is so popular.  In Super Smash bros. you play as one of your many favorite nintendo characters covering basically all genre’s of games. From Mr Game & Watch to Samus Aran, to several Pokemon characters, even Kirby, this game has it all, and it pits them against one another in a fighting game like no other.

Super Smash Bros. isn’t only just about combat/fighting, there are several different game modes that all add a bit of enjoyment.  The first one is of course called SMASH, which is just your basic free for all fight, up to 4 players.  Then there is an 8-player smash which is just the same, only with 8 players.  I need to state that it is super easy to lose track of where your character is in this mode, as the screen shrinks down in size to show the whole game field in order to have everyone in there.  Probably the most chaotic mode to play, and can get frustrating easily with maps that have a lot of floating platforms etc…

Super Smash Bros. also has a “Smash Tour” mode which is kind of a board game type scenario for a minimum of 4 players, where you roll dice, move around the game board and as you move, you collect power ups and fighters.  ANY time you meet another player on the board, you start a combat match, and the winner takes your fighter.  During the movement phase, and before the fighting phase, you can choose to use special power-ups or items to either enhance your play, or disadvantage your opponents.  You need to choose carefully as you will quickly run out.

Super Smash Bros. also has a custom fighter mode, where you can create your own Mii character into a fighter, or enhance the other characters in the game to your taste with updated equipment and stats.  While this is a great feature, only those wanting a really high level of customization will benefit from this game mode.  I feel that a lot of “Pick up and go” players will over look this mode.SmashWiiU

You also have the ability to add “Amiibo” characters to help fight along side your fighter.  Amiibo’s are currently for sale at your favorite retailer, they average about $13 each, and can be attached via the NFC pad on the game controller.  While we currently have a few Amiibo’s, I have not had the chance to really get any use of one yet, so I can’t really comment more on this.

Overall Super Smash Bros. is a great game, offering many different ways to get enjoyment from this game, whether you are playing solo, or with a group of friends, I am sure you will find many hours of fun, smashing each other around with your favorite Nintendo franchise character.

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