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Game Review: Run Sackboy! Run!





Run Sackboy! Run is a free, endless runner platfomer game released by PlayStation Mobile Inc. It stars the ever loveable, knitted hero Sackboy, known from the Little Big Plant series.

The main basis of the game is that the creativity sucking vacuum cleaner Negativitron, best known as the villain from Little Big Planet 2, is back and is out to destroy Craftworld again….along with Sackboy.

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Sackboy runs through a landscape of three iconic worlds from LBP, The Gardens, Avalonia and The Canyons.

Through the game, Sackboy runs on his own, and it is the players job to tap the screen in order to help him jump and flip over hazards (including spikes, gum and electricity), all while collecting “bubbles”.

Most hazards will “pop” Sackboy and will end the run, including spikes, electricity, creatures and sack-detect missiles. For an added difficulty, if Sackboy steps in the gum, it will slow him down and allow Negivitron to catch up and try to suck him up. The only way to escape is to do a quick step by swiping the screen quickly to the right.

There is a “shield” button in the game that fills up with the continued collection of bubbles and can be activated when full in order to fully shield Sackboy for approx 30 seconds, wherein no hazards or enemies can hurt him.

Mini missions are integrated into the game, wherein when completed with give the you a certain amount “golden sackboys” (one to three based on difficulty of task) and after the collection of five, you level up. Every level up increases the multiplier for bubbles value, so then each one collected is worth more to your total.

At times, the player may also come across extra things along their journey, including collectable stickers, upgrades (magnet, jet-pack, glider) and “Save-Me” hearts (used to continue the game when you “pop”).

The stickers collected are grouped in your sticker book and once all four in a group are collected, a reward will be given, Most of the time it is a large amount of bubbles, but there are two exclusive prizes that when won will give you a code to enter into your PSN account for download into the LBP game play pop-its.

The bubbles collected can be used in the game shop to purchase various costumes for Sackboy (like a yeti or unicorn), which also add to your bubble multiplier, or increase power on upgrade devices, At the beginning of a run, there are also some “help” options to Sackboy offered by the game such as Head-Start (which jumps you ahead to the next world in the game) or Auto-Sheild (which will create a safety shield on you when you hit danger for a short period).


The game shop also has a micro transaction system where funds on the players iTunes account can be used to purchase items such as Sacks of Hearts, Sack-Powers and Sacks of Bubbles.

Every run is randomly generated, so the hazards, bubbles, ledges and all collectable items will never be in the same place twice in a row. Players will also notice that as you transition from one world to the next that the speed of the scrolling/running will get faster, requiring more concentration to ensure that hazards are avoided.

You can also play against your friends through the game’s Facebook-integrated social features and scoreboards.

As an avid Little Big Planet gamer, I was instantly drawn to this game.

I appreciate the fact that at the end of each run, your bubble count is added to that of your previous runs to create an “account” for use in the in game shop for items. It creates a sense of achievement after a few runs.

But after having the chance to play it for several weeks, I have found that beyond the completionist gamer inside me desiring to collect every sticker and unlock every costume (which would require a lot of runs to earn enough bubbles), there isn’t anything that will lure the average gamer from the console big brothers for game time.

Being a free app game, it appears to be more of an attraction to loyal LBP gamers and get them hyped for the release of Little Big Planet 3 on November 18th.

This app is a good play for the occasional daily moment filler, but after the game turns from just being a fun run to being a task achieving requirement run, it loses the sparkle and will no longer lure the gamer to be committed to it.

Most free app gamers just want some mindless fun….not to have to dedicate long amount of time or money to gain constant fulfillment.

You can download Run Sackboy!Run! on the iTunes store for iPad and iPhone or on the PSVita from the PSN store.



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