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Game Review: Pokemon Alpha Sapphire and Omega Ruby


After more than 10 years, one of the most anticipated remakes of classic Pokemon games have finally been made and released, and they do not disappoint! With the recently introduced Mega Evolution in Pokemon X and Y, and the new 3D graphics they have added to the world of Pokemon, these remakes stand far above their previous ones.

Bringing us back to beloved Hoenn region, full of new experiences, new Pokemon, and new battles, Alpha Sapphire and Omega Ruby did not disappoint. Playing these games brought me back to my childhood days, beating Champion Steven and his super strong Metagross for the first time, true nostalgia. While I was aware I played Pokemon before them, classic Sapphire and Ruby were the first games I fully remember playing. The anticipation sitting in the cart at Walmart while my mom paid, getting in our car and pairing up with my Treecko to take on the Hoenn league, beating all 8 gym leaders, defeating Team Aqua or Team Magma (Team Aqua in my case, although I eventually owned both), and becoming a Pokemon master, and in my first play through of Alpha Sapphire, I paid homage to my first remembered game, I chose my Treecko again, who now gained a new Mega Evolution after he evolved into his final stage, and being able to grow the bond between me and my partners, while battle revamped leaders, bad guys, and an even stronger Legendary Pokemon than ever before.


Land full of beauty, amazing graphics, great 3D features, and connectivity to other Pokemon players around the world This journey to continue to become a Pokemon Master has renewed my love for the series, and reminded me why I have always decided to be the best trainer of my Pokemon I can be, and after filling my Pokedex time and time again, the satisfaction of knowing I did it puts you into a place of bliss.

The perfect game for new trainers setting out on their journey, and a perfect game for those who want to relive their glory days but have new challenges face them, Pokemon Alpha Sapphire and Omega Ruby are great choices, and we at Game Refraction continue to look forward at how Nintendo will continue to develop their games and training styles.


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