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Game Review : NES Remix Pack


Two games….one epic remixed trip down memory lane.

Nintendo’s NES Remix Pack is a retail combo pack of eShop gaming titles NES Remix and NES Remix 2. Individually, both games provide imense amounts of entertainment, but together they are an opportunity for a gamer to experience double the fun. It is a genious marketing scheme to package both titles together in order to make it feel like a whole game, rather than two individual parts.


Both games contain no fully playable games, but instead you are tasked with completing short, simple tasks within a set time limit, wherein completion will unlock further stages. NES Remix contains 16 classic NES games, with a total of 204 challenges. NES Remix 2 contains 12 classic NES games, with a total of 159 challenges.

Each classic game has its own sets of stages to work through (from 18-24 each), which progressively get harder. Each stage places you in a different section of the game wherein to complete the challenges, which will have you racking your brain to remember the days as a kid on how the level looked and functioned. (aka pitfalls and hazards of environment).

Upon starting a stage, you will be presented with a certain objective, and you’ve got a short period of time to complete it and only a few lives. Each stage usually has three or four challenges in a row before you can move on. Upon completion, you will be ranked out of 3 stars based on time taken to complete the stage and the amount of lives left. If you fail to complete the stage, you can choose to replay it entirely, or continue from the challenge you dis on, but with a penalty of only being able to receive a maximum score of 1 star. If you are super fast, the stars will be rainbow colored, adding an extra incentive to figure out an optimal strategy for each challenge. The stages with sometimes through in some interesting curve balls, including mirroring the level or limiting your “super powers”. Completing stages also earns you “bits” which will unlock stamps for you to use in the Miiverse community.

The game specific challenges generally keep the same game mechanics and elements of the original games (aka: Mario…. why cant you jump when i push the button!) , but there is a Remix category, which features stages based on all games, but mixed up a little with new features. For an example, playing a stage in the dark with only part of the ground in front you being visible.

Further remix stages feature a “crossover”, wherein say Luigi is trying to beat a mirrored version of Donkey Kong or playing Pinball while lava from Bowser’s castle is at the bottom of the screen.

In NES Remix 2, perhaps to make up for the less number of challenges as compared to its predecessor, Nintendo has included two bonus games: Super Luigi Bros and Championship Mode. Super Luigi Bros is a right to left mirrored version of Super Mario Bros (the entire game) with Luigi as its star. Championship mode mixes Super Mario Bros, Super Mario Bros 3 and Dr. Mario and is used in competition. It lacks a online leader board, which weakens the appeal to use this mode.

No much has changed about the audio and visuals of individual games. Graphical’s have been polished slightly and catchy 8-bit title screen have been added, but they are mostly identical to the way they were over 15-20 years ago.

Due to the success of NES Remix, director Koichi Hayashida has noted that if there is enough demand, Super Nintendo Remix and Game Boy Advance Remix could actually happen.


This game is something that not only die hard retro gamers would enjoy, but also for the most casual of gamers. The challenges are short enough to be interesting (and frustrating) and fun to replay, but not long enough to outstay their welcome per say. Also, if you are a type like myself who likes to relentlessly collect stuff, the stars and stamps will keep you entertained for quite awhile.

I enjoyed the experience of getting thrown in the middle of a game level that i remember struggling through as a kid and having to pull from the old memories on how the section worked and where all the pitfalls were. Even more, since i wasn’t able to play alot of games back as a kid, i get to experience some of the classics like The Legend of Zelda and Kirby’s Adventure in the most simplest of ways. Playing NES Remix pack has lead me to download a few of the retro games in full from the eShop because a taste of the action sometimes is not enough….

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