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Game Review: Narborion Saga (iOS/Android)


Narborion Saga is an exciting handheld fantasy adventure interactive narrative app, featuring dynamic storytelling, side quests and mini games. The saga follows the life of the story’s main hero, from his humble beginnings as a simple squire to uncovering his heritage as the one true king, who must unite eight different kingdoms into one single empire. Players begin their journey by selecting from a specific character class including a fighter, mage and priest, thus deciding what kind of ruler the character will be. During the story the player builds his Fame (collecting Fame points), which will determine his characters popularity. The books hero will take on many different side quests and face off against a variety of characters including witches, goblins, dwarves and the undead using traditional weapons or by casting spells.

Narborion Saga is very well written and highly addictive, so kudos to the writing team. I find myself playing it for at least an hour at a time; when I get a chance to play. I have recommended this game to many of my friends who are now just as addicted to it as I am. It combines reading and gaming (2 of my favorite things). The graphics fit it to a ‘T’. As you are reading, the pages actually look like pages in a book. I look forward to seeing the graphics as they suit the era that it is set in.


The writers/creators of Narborion Saga are very helpful with regards to letting us know of bugs and and they fix them right away. They take our opinions and work with them. If you join their Facebook page they do give us hints and tips from what you should start with to how to figure out anagrams and what not to skip. I am very excited to finish this game but I think it will take me awhile.

Narborion Saga is a free download for both Android and iOS; however there is a cost to buy gold coins (unless of course you are lucky enough to get one of the codes for free coins of off their Facebook page). You do start with some gold coins and you get 20 Gold Coins from Lord Kelinor and while visiting the shrine on the road you will find another 20. It is possible to complete the game without spending any real money on gold, but you need to be frivolous and careful with how you proceed.  Finding all the  hidden gold coins throughout the game also helps.


I highly recommend purchasing coins PRIOR to setting off on your journey. You will need coins to purchase bookmarks along the way as well as armor and a good sword. I also purchased some potions that I think will be helpful. I have made good use out of the Spellbook, making sure that I cast ‘protection from evil’ spell prior to every fight as well using the Magic Missile to take some damage off of my foes with way more hit points than me (try to level the playing field). If you end up dying you start over either at the beginning if you have not purchased a bookmark or where you last saved. Bookmarks cost 6 gold coins every time you save (I currently have 6). It is easy to get back to where you died by skipping the reading, I have changed up my responses to see if I get a better outcome. The only down side to this game is that you can not go backwards if you selected something you did not want, which I guess is also a positive as you can not go back in real life.


Ensure to equip the items you have purchased so you do not waste them. And pick up any items you find along the way, you never know when they will come in handy ( you are able to carry 20 items with you).

Overall, I thoroughly enjoy playing this game and would recommend it to anyone that enjoys reading and interactive games. I can not wait to have the time to finish this book and look forward to Book 2.

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