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Game Review: Mario Party 10 (Wii-U)

10 iterations of a game should mean that the franchise for that particular game is very good, and game developers are cashing in on its popularity.  You’ve seen this before with many games, Metal Gear, Final Fantasy etc…  Having never played any of the Mario Party games prior to this one I can’t really say if the 9 previous iterations of the game were any good, but I’ve been told they are.  This perhaps makes me very qualified to review Mario Part 10 in the sense that I am only reviewing this particular iteration made for the Wii-U, and no biasing my opinions based on past experiences with the older versions.screenshot3

Mario Party 10 is a simple party/board game played on the Wii-U.  It doesn’t take a lot of effort to learn the game, but it still requires a little skill and luck in order to succeed at it.  In general this leads to a lot of fun and sometimes a little frustration.  The game has 3 general game modes, Amiibo party, Bowser party and Mario party.  I won’t be covering Amiibo party due to the fact Nintendo isn’t really smart and hasn’t really put in a lot of support for its Amiibo library.  As such a select few Amiibo’s are used with the Amiibo party mode, and we really didn’t have enough of them to test this out.  It makes me sad that even after owning about 10 different Amiibo’s they are not all useful in pretty much any Amiibo supported game.

Bowser party best if played with a group of 5 people.  4 people play on team Mario using 4 Wii-motes, and a 5th person plays as Bowser, using the Game-pad.  The 4 players on team Mario’s main objective is to make it to the end of the game board and defeat the final challenge without being stopped by Bowser and losing their hearts.  Each players will roll the dice, move a set number of spaces and depending on which space you land on, determines what happens next.  Sometimes its a fun mini game, sometimes its just a special dice block, or another type of bonus.  After all 4 players have had a carisbackturn, Bowser rolls several dice blocks and tries to catch up.  If Bowser catches team Mario, a special Bowser mini game ensues which Bowser tries to knock out all the players.  Any players that lose all their hearts are out of the game (unless another players lands on a special space that gives additional hearts to all players), and if all are eliminated before reaching the goal, then Bowser wins.

Mario Party is basically the same premise as Bowser party (up to 4 players only), just without anyone using the Game-Pad. The main point is to get to the finish line with the most stars. The Game-pad displays a jailed Bowser that is locked by 6 locks numbered 1 through 6.  As you roll the dice, each time the first number of 1 to 6 is rolled it removes a lock, until all of the locks are gone and this will release Bowser.  Once Bowser is released he causes a bunch of havoc against the players. If the players make it to the finish of the game, several bonus stars are added for certain achievements, like most stars lost, most spaces moved in a single roll.  These bonus stars have been known to change the winner of the game, so don’t count yourself out until the very end.

mario-party-10The game can be quite fun, and can be made more interesting with the use of alcohol (for us grownups).  I’ve found the games fun and enjoyable.  Little kids would have fun playing, but might take a little longer to understand how to properly play the mini games.

The whole game itself takes about 30mins to play each session, but is a big drain on the Game-Pad battery, but with a max 30min play time per session, you can get quite a few sessions in before needing a charge.  We did have the battery die once on us during a play session, which caused us to just shut the system down and wait for the game-pad to recharge.

In the end, I quite enjoyed this game, I would recommend it to anyone looking to get a fun group game to own for those times when you are entertaining, or have little kids looking for something fun to do.  Just make sure you own at least 4 Wii-motes, or you need to figure out some sort of share system so that everyone gets a turn.

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