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Game Review: Light in the Dark

During my adventures at PaxPrime 2014 this year, I spent a little time wandering around between interviews, and stumbled upon a neat game being demoed on a few iPads, an interesting puzzle game, that had unique challenges and quickly peaked my interest.  The game was Light in the Dark.

Light in the Dark is a puzzle type game similar along the lines of Cut the Rope, but with a few twists.  In Light in the Dark, you have to shine your colored light onto the similar colored “baby totems” in order to wake them up. Once they are all awake, you can complete the level.  gameplay_2You can also collect similarly colored stars to gain more points which a maximum of 3 stars per level.  The premise seems simple, but add in light bending, blending and objects to block your path and things can become head scratching.

The game starts you off with simple levels, to ease you into learning the basic concepts of the game, and are quite fun, even for the younger of us, but as you progress, the difficulty gets harder and harder, especially if you are like me and must obtain all 3 stars on each level.

When I demoed this game at Pax, I instantly enjoyed playing it. Being an android user I was pleased that the developers, Dreamgate Studios, would be releasing it for android and windows phone as well as iOS.  I always feel like some developers put iOS first, which is understandable with iOS architecture being standardized, and android being so diverse, the difficulty in making everything work would be a daunting task.

“The experience we gained working on X-Com, Bioshock and Fallout gave us the technical lessons needed to make amazing games,” David De Margheriti, CEO, Dreamgate Studios, explains. “We could focus on developing a title that offered a range of play and interesting elements for everyone.”

Dreamgate Studios has numerous updates in the works, including new levels to showcase advanced strategy

gameplay_3I enjoy a good puzzle game, and this definitely fits into that category.  Its challenging enough to make you keep coming back for more.  Having just finished the first world I am definitely looking forward to playing more as time permits.

Light in the Dark is available for $1.99 USD on the App Store, Google Play and Windows Phone Apps+Games Store. If players are stumped by a puzzle they can also ask for hints, which are purchasable via micro-transactions.




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  • David
    Nov 03, 2014 11:44 am

    I’ve now beat Tomb #1 with all stars!!!


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