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Game Review: Invisible Inc.

feature-sliderTurn based games have been around for a very long time, and Invisible Inc.  is a procedural turn-based stealth game where you control an elite group of spies, infiltrating into corporate locations for information and financial gain.  the game puts you in control of  a team of agents, who you need to control to get out of enemy bases/buildings.

Invisible Inc. gives you a set amount of time to complete the game per session, usually 3 days of game time, in which to complete the various tasks by infiltrated enemy corporations and bases to achieve the set goal, and get out with your agents alive.   The bases and corporations are spread all over the globe, so travel time factors in to your overall time.

There are several factors about Invisible Inc. that make it unique compared to most other games I’ve played.  The biggest is of course, Perma-Death.  If you lose all your agents in a mission, its game over.  Your saved games are erased by the game, and you need to start over.  While this is frustrating, it also helps to slow your pace down, take your time and really think about your next move.  Guards, cameras, security barriers could be around every corner.  Don’t take to much time though, because the longer you stay in any given mission, the harder it becomes.invisibleinc-2014-07-14-21-14-06-23  As you spend time in the mission, a timer increments at the end of every turn, eventually increasing the alarm level of the enemy base.  At given intervals, more guards, extra cameras, or even special enemy agents are added to the base to make your time more and more difficult to obtain your primary objective, which is to find the Elevator and escape.  Killing the guards isn’t an option as that immediately  increases the alarm level and also alerts the other guards to your presence.  You can however incapacitate them for a few turns.  Getting spotted by the guards allows your agents only a few action points to get away, before they are shot on sight.

invisibleinc-2014-07-14-21-13-23-15-635x336There are several agents available to unlock in the game.  You start with only 2 on your team, and you can decide whether to keep them together, or split them up.  All the different agents available have different abilities and perks, which can be upgraded over time as you complete missions.  Each time you play the game, you can choose different agents as they get unlocked, making the game a different experience each time.

Invisible Inc. can be frustrating to play, especially when losing your agents and also having to start all over again, but the biggest thing I’ve found is that the game seems to draw you back in with the lure of finishing each mission.  I’ve probably died in the game a dozen times since I started playing, and every time I keep coming back for another try, always wanting to finish another base.

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Klei was built because we want to build games that we care about.

When talented, creative people can work toward that goal, amazing things happen. We can create anendearing off-the-wall puzzle game. We can redefine what an oldschool beat-em-up is. We can create products that live up to your childhood memories of your coolest games.

Klei is located in Vancouver, British Columbia and has developed and published games for a bunch of different platforms.

If you’d like to know more about our history and studio culture, the website Polygon spent a week with us and created this fantastic video and article: “The Birth and Re-Birth of Klei.”

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