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Game Review: HayDay (iOS and Android)

I have now been playing HayDay, by Super Cell, for quite a few months. I am known to play games on my cell phone more than anything now a days and do not usually stick to one game for very long; Hay Day being the exception. I first started playing to help out my best friend when she needed it and thus became addicted.

The game starts off with a few plots of land to plant wheat and corn; a chicken coop and chickens. As you level up you get more plots and more livestock and production buildings (like a bakery, feed mill and dairy building).

Like in most games you are able to spend real money to advance further in the game; in this case it is diamonds. Now you don’t need to make any in game purchases to progress, it may just take you longer but there is nothing wrong with that. I personally have bought diamonds with my google rewards (spending virtual money to get virtual diamonds).

There are also coupons you receive and these are used to make your fishing lures or purchasing pets like cats, dogs, bunnies and horses. These come in 4 different varieties and you need so many of each to purchase your pets. I currently have 1 dog and 2 cats.

As you level up you unlock more and more of your farm; this includes truck orders, fishing area, boat, town, mine and neighbourhoods. You will also gain farm helpers (Rose and Ernest) and an errand boy named Tom. I will go into these in a little more detail:

Truck orders allows you fill orders and receive xp, coins and sometimes secret rewards like coupons.

The fishing area has plots you can unlock by collecting enough items to unlock it. Here you can collect fish, lobsters, and duck feathers; all of which you use to create items to sell.

The boat allows you to sell your wares and in return you get coins, xp and sometimes extra items like coupons and puzzle pieces. Usually there are 9-12 boxes you need to fill to send your boat off. If you do not like the items in the boxes you can choose to send the boat away before you have filled any of the boxes. This is something I did not learn right away but is very useful. 

In the town has plots that you can unlock to build buildings such as a diner, cinema, grocery store and gift shop. You start off here with your town hall, which is also upgradable, this will allow you to get more visitors to your town. Your town folk will get off the train with a set destination, once you have selected where they want to go their order will come up and time starts going on how long it takes for them to complete this building. Once all buildings are complete you will receive a special thank you gift and they will once again hop on the train to go to a different town. In your town there is also a zoo. Here you collect puzzle pieces and slowly but surely unlock animals for your farm.

The mine allows you to, well mine for ores such as gold, silver, coal and platinum. You turn these ores into bricks to make jewelry or upgrade your train. You can mine with pick axes, shovels, TNT and dynamite, each allow you a set amount of ores ranging from 2 to 5.

Neighbourhoods is where you join a neighbourhood to help each other out and join the weekly derby (more on this in a moment). Getting here was my first goal, second goal was helping my friend out (her sister too). Here you can request your neighbours to donate items you need or donate items they request. You also complete the weekly derby together! We have had people join our neighbourhood and we have had a lot of them leave – this is common.

The weekly derby is meant to be challenging and as a team you complete tasks that give you so many points, these points are tallied and you are ranked by them. Come in in the top 3 and you earn extra goodies and get promoted until you reach the Champions League; be one of the lowest 3 (I believe) and you are demoted to the league below. We tend to be in the top 2 leagues as we are all very competitive and try to outscore each other – this is done in a friendly manner. Once the derby is over you get to select your goodies or rewards, now depending on how many points you received will determine how many you get to choose. Each column (representing a flag on the race track) has 3 options to choose from, once all choices have been made the derby is over for a day. They run Tuesdays to Sundays.

Your farm helpers are wonderful. Rose assists with tending your animals and Ernest helps with sugar and dairy. Once again you can use your diamonds to purchase them for a pre-determined length of time. I personally have never used my diamonds to get them as every so often you will get them for free for 3 days and that allows me to catch up on items.

Tom, the errand boy, is another story; whenever I have the diamonds to do so I purchase him as you can send him out to purchase items for you. Now he does take a nap in between running errands but he is well worth it!

The graphics and animations in the game are spot on! They change with the season and the animals even have costumes or head ware. If you double click on a pen the animals in to something for you, likewise with the zoo.

As for the sound track I don’t know much about it as I play with the sound off. For testing purposes I did play for a little while with the sound on and the animal noises are very cute (just like them). I will still play with the sound off though as to not disturb others around me.

If you want a great game that kills time and gets you engaged this is a game for you. If not, well then you are missing out. At one point all my kids had a farm and were playing and wanting to get to the next level and the next and so on… but life happens and they all got distracted from it (moving onto Minecraft and Fortnite). My spouse is always razzing me about how much time I spend on it and talk about it when are at our couples game nights – but it is TOTALLY worth it.

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HayDay Review

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