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Game Review: Exploding Kittens (Mobile)

“Kitty Cat Butt! Butt!”

Oh no…. all my cards have been changed to kitty butts, the card pile is 65% chance of exploding Kitten, and I have no idea which one is  my defuse Kitten Banjo card.. what am i going to do? Take a deep breath and draw….

EXPLODING KITTEN!!!!!!! (killer SCREAM music) *BOOM*

This is a situation that is all too common while playing the Exploding Kittens game app. This app is developed from one of the most successful Kickstarters of all time, the Exploding Kittens card game, featuring the artwork of the mind behind the website The Oatmeal.


If you have never played the card game before, there is a handy tutorial option on the main screen and a well illustrated slideshow like guide to gameplay is displayed. Though, there really isn’t too much to this game to learn so why not skip the tutorial and learn as you go???

The game is similar to a Russian Roulette wherein you draw cards one at a time until you draw an Exploding Kitten, explode and lose.

Every time a player picks up a card, the pile counter starts to steam a bit, increasing the percentage of the kitten meter. Card drawing continues until only one player remains and as players explode, there are less cards in the deck so essentially higher chance of Exploding Kitten. A player can play as many or few cards as they please to shake up the game and try to cause the other players to explode first, but must end their turn by drawing a card.


Most important start to the game is setting up your unique identification during the game. You can edit and name yourself whatever you wish (otherwise you will be called Your Name Here) and select from a variety of avatar pictures, which range from simple kittens to crazy looking food items or insane animals. (I’m Crimson with the crazy bacon avatar if you ever play). Already too much fun to handle…!

The game allows you to play either private locally with friends or play with complete strangers on a public game server. Either way, takes the fun out of watching them freak out when the cards are not in their favour.

With the download of the game, you have the availability of the Core Deck (up to 52 cards) and this is the standard deck used in the Exploding Kittens game.

The card types found in the deck are:

  • Defuse: allows player to continue playing after drawing an Exploding Kitten
  • Exploding Kitten: a player has a set 30 seconds to use a Defuse card or they will “explode” and lose. If a Defuse card is used, this card is discarded and the Exploding Kitten is placed back in the deck in a place only determined by the player who Defused.
  • See The Future: allows the player to see the a specific number of cards in the deck based on the multiplier on the card (x1, x2 or x3)
  • Steal A Card: another player must give the player a card from their hand
  • Skip: the player ends turn without drawing a card
  • Shuffle: the player shuffles the deck


You also can purchase the Party Pack Expansion from the app store and play with a more advanced deck. There are a few extra card types found in this deck, which are:

  • Slap: the player ends their turn and forces another player to take any turns they have plus one more. This can get a bit of of hand as some slap cards are for one, two or three slaps each and someone can end up having 10 turns for example….better have lots of defuse cards!!!
  • Reverse: reverses the play direction and the player skips having to draw a card
  • Draw From The Bottom: player draws from the bottom of the deck and immediately ends their turn.
  • Annoy: makes two random cards on another players hand unplayable until they draw a card by tossing kitty puke on the cards.
  • Alter the Future: where you can see many cards into the deck and thus know what cards are coming and be able to change order and potentially avoid exploding kittens.
  • Blind: transforms all the cards on another players hand into cat butts until they draw a card (Kitty Cat Butt! Butt!)
  • Fake Shuffle: other players visually think the deck was shuffled, but it wasn’t.
  • Kitten Role Call: draws all the Exploding Kitten cards to the top of the deck

The cards are hilariously drawn out and named. For example, Defuse Cards are things such as Laser Pointer or Kitten Banjo…. or the Slap Cards are Kitten Paws…. or the Steal a Cards are things like Kitten Taco or Catermelon.

Whichever deck you choose, the enjoyment of the game is the same. Its all in the luck of the cards!!

exploding-kittens-is-a-card-game-designed-by-elan-lee-shane-small-and-matthew-inman-from-the-comics-site-the-oatmealThere isn’t a leader board to compare players or place in the game to tell you your stats of wins to loses, so it lacks a bit of the bragging rights that some of the gamer’s out there strive to achieve.

Even though I have never played the card game, I have had endless amount of enjoyment playing this game on both my iPhone and iPad. Though the gameplay itself is very simplistic, you cannot take a long time to make your moves (or risk exploding) nor can you play without using some logical strategics. Playing a Slap, Annoy or Blind against another player can sometimes come back to bite you, when they play the cards back at you and this usually happens when the Percentage of Kitten Card meter is running high…. and you have no option but to pick up a card. The game is designed to be as simple as the card game, and is understandable by even the shortest of attention spans. The game  makes for endless entertainment, whether it be a quick local match or a whole afternoon battle with strangers.

Download the game on the app store and watch out for those Exploding Kittens!!! *meow*

Note: There is a download available on the Android platform now and the game allows for cross-platform play on mobile devices.



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