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Game-Refraction: Kyler’s Top 5 Anime of 2015

This year has been great for shows in Anime, especially for some of us that loved remakes of older Anime and couldn’t get enough of it even though we know how it ends. My top 5 list is comprised of shows that I watched this year. If the show ran multiple seasons and the final season aired during 2015 I’m counting the whole series, not just the season that aired. If it ran multiple seasons but the first seasons were several years ago, I’m only considering the newer season(s). I’m not going to spoil anything as some of these shows I will still review.

My Top 5 for the Year

5.  Charlotte

This show was surprising for me. I really enjoy seeing the occasional RomCom/Slice of Life anime here and there, but I was surprised that a show with so much silly humor throughout the start of the season shifted into a serious and dark setting. In a non-spoilery way, them feels.


4.  Your Lie in April

As with Charlotte, I do love some RomCom/Slice of Life shows, and this fit that really well. It had a lot of humor to keep you interested, but the show’s main purpose was story, and it delivered it well for me. It’s also one of the few shows I’ve watched that focuses centrally around music, as the main character is a gifted pianist, and meets a girl who is passionate about playing violin.


3. Durarara!! X2

 I had been waiting for more seasons of this show for years and not only did it come back, but it came back with more interesting characters and more action. The show features mythical creatures, cursed swords, and gang wars, with a newly added ‘monster’ person named ‘Hollywood’ and continued rivalries with the Dollars; you’ll be waiting for the next season like I am.

Durarara Logo

2. One Punch Man

I reviewed this show when it was 4 episodes into the season because the name intrigued me. How does a show about a guy that kills every monster in a single punch stay enjoyable? Between his goofy face and the way the story is told, they manage to make you doubt in every single episode that he’ll win. Madhouse does an absolutely amazing job with the combat scenes as well, which helps keep you on the edge of your seat. There was only one reason this show didn’t make my number 1 spot on this list, and it’s because…


1. Fate/Stay Night: Unlimited Blade Works

Anyone who knows me, or read my Fate review, could have seen this coming a mile away; probably when they read the title of the post in all honesty. Fate continues to be my favorite series of all time, and this remake of the old series twists up the plot line just enough to make it feel fresh and new again while still giving a slightly new variance on the ending. The biggest extra is that this time there is an epilogue episode that depicts some events of what happens after the original plot finishes, and I can honestly say I’d love to see it continue on the way the epilogue does. Ufotable delivered us another quality Anime this year that I can re-watch for years to come; I’ve already re-watched the series multiple times and even certain episodes up to 15 times. The only big arc missing now is Heaven’s Feel, but I don’t see that one airing anytime soon unfortunately.


Honorable Mentions:

  1. DanMachi (Is it Wrong to Try and Pick up Girls in a Dungeon?)

Every year has to have some sort of RPG inspired show to it, and I think my favorite one this year was DanMachi. It ends up being somewhere between Shounen and Harem/RomCom, but it had some amazing moments in it. The main character experiences failure and always tries to carry the world on his shoulders, but he’s always got a positive outlook no matter what happens to him. Not unlike Gon from Hunter x Hunter.

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