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Game Refraction: David’s Top 5 Mobile Games of 2015

With another year coming to an end, it’s always a great chance to recap what we enjoyed the most about the year.  I am going to recap my top 5 games I played in 2015. While I realize that not all these games were released this year, I played them, and I have ranked them according to which I enjoyed the most. (1 being most enjoyed)

Hitman-Sniper-35. Hitman: Sniper

This is a fun sniper/shooting game that I picked up a few months ago.  I wrote a review on it here.  I’ve not played it much since shortly writing the review due to other games needing to be played (ahem: Fallout 4), but I am keeping it installed on my tablet for future playing, which is why this game is in the #5 spot.  I enjoyed this game a lot, and I will continue to play it from time to time.


Lara_croft_go_014. Lara Croft: Go

Lara Croft Go is a neat puzzle/path game.  I found this game challenging in a lot of places, and the graphics are fairly fantastic for the mobile platform.  I enjoyed it a lot and have about half of the game completed so far.  Definitely going to be keeping it around on my tablet for future plays.  Also, you can read my review here.


nfs nolimit_Drift3. Need for Speed: No Limits

I’ve been a fan of the Need for Speed franchise since first playing NFS: Underground 2 on my PC.  I loved the customization you get and it’s so much fun.  I also enjoyed NFS: No limits due to the similarities of the franchise.  Controls for this game are simple, and the graphics are fantastic on the mobile platforms.  I didn’t get through much of the main story-line of the game due to all the micro-transactions that you are always bombarded with, but it is a great little game when you are in the mood for speed and racing.  I wrote a review of this game, and it is available here.

devilsattourney2. Devil’s Attorney

I haven’t wrote a review on this game yet, and I probably should.  I’ve had this game on my tablet since late 2014, and I’ve played it on and off since purchasing it on sale.  It is a simple strategy type game where you play a shady lawyer (similar to the character of Saul from Braking Bad) where you try to win court cases for your shady clients.  You gain skills by buying upgrades to your law office and apartment, and it in turn unlocks new tactics to use in court.  Dialog for the game is hilarious, and the voice acting is superb.  This one is a keeper

fallout Shelter_41. Fallout Shelter

Probably the most played game on my tablet, I find myself logging into Fallout Shelter at least once a day to check on my vault, even though I’ve reached the stage where everything is maxed out.  I’ve been asked why I still play, and to be honest most of it comes from the fact there are still weapons and clothing I have not collected yet in the game, and I wouldn’t mind getting some (still no damn Power armor).  I enjoyed this game, and Bethesda seems to still update it fairly frequently with new items and stuff (see pets).  The game still has a little interest for me, but since it is continuously still played by me the most, it sits in my #1 spot.  (FYI 1 million caps is the max you can have)

Honorable Mentions

There are a few games that didn’t quite make this list, but I still want to mention them due to the fact I did enjoy them.

1. This War of Mine

I only recently got this game, so I have not had time to write a review, but after playing it on the Xbox at PaxPrime, I had to try it on the mobile platform.  So far I have enjoyed it a lot, but I need more opportunities to play through it before I can write a review.

2. Hitman: Go

Similar to LaraCroft Go this is another game I recently purchased.  It was released originally before Lara Croft Go.  The graphics are more Board-game in likeness, but the game is still challenging enough to keep you interested.

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