First Look: The Division 2 Private Beta

I was really excited to get into the new setting of Washington D.C. and when I finally made my way to the White House I was beside myself with excitement.

In comparison with the first game this beta looked graphically and aesthetically similar, but I did notice some subtle changes. Firstly the gun play dynamics seemed updated but it has been a while since I played the first Division. There is auto aim of sorts but it doesn’t lock on to the enemy in a normal sense, it gets you pointing in the general direction of the enemy but you still need to control it and have the skill to stay on target.

At one point I rounded a corner to attack a group of enemies and a deer ran through and got massacred in the crossfire. I gave the deer a proper send off after eliminating the last bad dude.

Everyone’s favorite activity is still included in the sequel, which of course is closing every car door as you make your way through the cities streets. But now I want to get into the beta’s issues.

Firstly, I noticed a backtrack from the first title, in which you didn’t have to wait in those infamous lines in order to restock or loot. In this private beta you had to wait for the person to finish looting/restocking in order to do it yourself.

Another issue I saw….or rather, heard (or lack thereof) was that in highly congested missions or side missions the audio would just cut out. On the third day I noticed that even walking around in the streets there would be no audio after finishing a mission. At one point I set a timer and I had resumed audio for less than a minute before it cut out again. Hopefully for the open beta which is March 1st-4th this issue will be fixed.

I noticed a baddie impaled in this street sign, took a group picture. Guess he wasn’t prepared to stop.

Lastly I had a chance to play some of the end game content! In order to do this you had to select one of the three character specializations from the log in menu. The selections included Survivalist which has a crossbow, a Demolitionist which has a grenade launcher and a Sharpshooter which has a sniper rifle. All three specializations had perks but my favorite was the Sharpshooter.

Overall I enjoyed this private beta but would like for some of these issues to be resolved. I look forward to the open beta March 1-4 and then the game launches on March 15th for Xbox One, PS4 and PC.

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