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First Impressions: Narborion Saga


Narborion Saga is an exciting handheld fantasy adventure interactive narrative app, featuring dynamic storytelling, side quests and mini games. The saga follows the life of the story’s main hero, from his humble beginnings as a simple squire to uncovering his heritage as the one true king, who must unite eight different kingdoms into one single empire. Players begin their journey by selecting from a specific character class including a fighter, mage and priest, thus deciding what kind of ruler the character will be. During the story the player builds his Fame (collecting Fame points), which will determine his characters popularity. The books hero will take on many different side quests and face off against a variety of characters including witches, goblins, dwarves and the undead using traditional weapons or by casting spells.

I started playing Narborion Saga just over a month ago and like it so far. I have not been able to get very far as I keep dying at the first fight. What I like about this game is that I can keep going back and change things when I die. You are able to book mark (aka save point) your place so that if you die you start back where you last placed it. The first time I went through I did not ‘pick up’ any of the items that were given to me; this was probably from not fully reading each and every word; so I have since learned to read each sentence before continuing on.

I find Narborion to be quite addicting. Once I start back up time flies by fast I find myself trying at least 10 times to get past the first fight.


To start the game you first create your character by naming him (which I find is always the hardest thing to do). Next you have 15 points to divvy between strength, dexterity, mana and hit point. I usually put most of it on my hit points trying to last long enough to get through the fights. Now it is time to start reading. At the end of each page it asks you what you want to do. So depending on what you choose will determine how the game will progress. Whether it is joining a party for a wedding or deciding not to and getting knocked out.

The first fight is against 2 men that are trying to rob 2 other men that you met in the previous village. To beat them you have to roll dice so really the battle is ultimately left up to chance. This is the part I am unable to get past but not to worry I will continue on and I will be back to give a full review once I get farther.











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