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First Impression: Super Smash Bros.

Having never played any of the Super Smash Bros. games, but hearing about all their hype, this one had my interest when I first spotted it at PAX Prime.  The game itself didn’t grab my attention, it was the shear volume of people waiting around the booth , chomping at the bit in order to grab 5mins playing this game.  Tali waited patiently in line for a sample, and her reaction after was all I needed.

Having cracking open the case on opening day, I quickly felt overwhelmed by the game play.  It’s a combat style game, with lots of Mario-party type things stuffed around the edges.  Overall, the game was frustrating for the first few times playing, as the action was so fast-paced, and chaotic I couldn’t follow what was going on, who was attacking who, and which buttons to mash.  The youngest of our house-hold (7 and 6yrs old) absolutely loved playing, and tried to sneak every last chance they could when the Wii-U wasn’t in use, just to play it some more.  I must admit, they were a blast to watch.

After reading the manual a few more times, playing a bit on solo mode, and even setting it to slow-motion mode, I started to grasp the concept of the game.  It has a bit of a learning curve that is for sure, but once you get the general idea, the game starts to open up

I plan to review more of the game in a few weeks, once I’ve had a few more hours clocked into the game, and tested out many of the various game modes it has to offer.  Stay tuned!

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