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First Impression: Hyrule Warriors (Wii-U)

Before I picked up “Hyrule Warriors” for the Wii-U, I thought that it was a boring game, very similar to “Dynasty Warriors” as mentioned by others.  Having never played Dynasty warriors, but a bit of a fan of “The Legend of Zelda” I still wanted to try this game out.  I messed around a little on the live demo running at the local Future Shop, and the game intrigued me.  I had to end up ordering the game from the Future Shop website due to the fact the store didn’t have any copies, but the game soon arrived (3 days later) and I was impressed by the speedy delivery.  Reading the back of the game case, I discovered that Hyrule Warriors is one of the current 3 games available for the Wii-U that are compatible with the new ‘Amiibo’ toy system.  The other 2 games are Mario Kart 8 and Super Smash Bros. (Review can be seen here).  The rest of the case lists the details and a bit of story about the game, but it did leave me excited to get home and try it out.hyrulewarriorsinsert1

One main thing I was excited about for “Hyrule Warriors” was the fact it is a two-player game.  I enjoy sitting down with Tali and playing games on a regular basis, so anything we can play together is great.  I was disappointed to learn that the first level of the game needs to be completed in a single player mode (Tutorial?) in order for 2 players to be playing together.  I was kind enough to let Tali run though this level by herself, as I had pretty much played the majority of it on the Live Demo at the store.  Once she completed it, after about 15mins, we were both able to pick a character and begin to play.  She was kind enough to let me use Link.

In our brief time playing the game, I was pleased to see the implementation of the game pad screen was well done.  When playing in a 2 player game, 1 player can use the TV, the other uses the screen on the game pad.  I wish more games had this feature, it makes the whole gaming experience better.  I find split screens very distracting and sometimes can get confusing as to which character you are looking at.  The game also supports a game-pad only play mode, meaning if you are wanting to play, while someone else watches TV, then you can, and not take one away from the other.  Someone can watch TV while you play away.  Very nice feature!

Anyway, I will type up a full review in the coming weeks once we’ve had more time with this game.


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