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First Impression: Fearless Fantasy

Turn-based RPG’s are popular ever since the Final fantasy series debuted back for the original NES.  Since then Final Fantasy has enjoyed over a dozen iterations and new games, as well as sparked a plethora of similar styled RPG’s for anyone’s choosing.  I recently had the privledge to take a look at a new RPG called Fearless Fantasy, which is available on steam.Fearless-Fantasy-nesting-nightmare

Being a turn-based RPG, means that during combat, each character and enemy takes turns attacking and defending.  There are different flavors which is dependent on the game design etc..  Fearless Fantasy added a “Swipe”style to activate the attacks and defense modes, instead of completely relying on random generation.  Here let me explain:

When you go to use an attack from one of the members of your party, some floating arrows will slide back and forth across an outline of the arrows.  When the arrows line up you can swipe across them with your mouse to lock them in place and based upon how accurate you are, the better your attack will be.  You might think this is simple, but you only get a limited amount of time to do this action, which greatly effects your accuracy.

Overall I feel this game would definitely be better suited for a mobile gaming platform, but I need to play a bit more first before I can offer a better opinion.  If this game sounds interesting to you, please look for my full review in the next coming weeks.

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