Zero Killed – a multiplayer, tactical VR shooter now available on Steam Early Access!

The Zero Killed closed beta tests are now over, and the game has just reached another phase and is available for all VR shooter enthusiasts via Steam Early Access. All HTC Vive or Oculus Rift owners can now enter The Zone, become one of the “Zeros” and try their luck on a battlefield.

You can now buy the Early Access version of Zero Killed on Steam ( for $14,99 and on the Oculus Store ( for $14,99.

Zero Killed will stay in Early Access for two months, so the developers can continue working with the community on all the features gamers requested during closed beta testing. The full HTC Vive and Oculus Rift launch of the game was planned for November 30th this year. Zero Killed will also debut on PS VR at a later date.


Zero Killed is a one-of-a-kind mix of Rainbow Six Siege’s tactical gameplay, Counter-Strike’s engaging PvP multiplayer, and SWAT 4’s rich choice of equipment and gadgets. In the game, you take control of one of the Zeros – professionals who have abandoned their past and broken all contact with their former employers. These companies hired them to illegally extract the previously unknown superconductive element Petronium from the devastated territory called The Zone.

Zero Killed focuses heavily on team cooperation and communication. Both are key elements required to adapt and respond to the ever-changing situation on a battlefield. Players can choose between 10 different characters: from the heavily armored Big Foot, through the fully-loaded-with-technology A.N.D., to Ox – an ex-navy general with a love for demolition. Each has their own loadout, unique gadget, and unique perk – all designed to make sure there’s something setting them apart and special in their own way. To be successful in combat, you must anticipate the other team’s next move, plan ahead, think tactically, and accurately analyze the situation on the battlefield before deciding who from your squad should make the next move or what piece of equipment to use.


  • 4 vs. 4 multiplayer gameplay.
  • 10 completely different characters to choose from, all with unique gadgets, equipment, perks, and personalities.
  • 4 game modes:
    • Data Steal
    • Domination
    • Hunt (not available in the Early Access version)
    • Tournament
  • 3 unique locations:
    • Nuclear
    • Suburbs
    • Sewers
  • Traverse the world without teleporting – including sprinting, climbing or sliding down a ladder. Our motion sickness-free technology will allow you to fully immerse yourself in the game world, without the risk of your enemy’s teleporting out of nowhere and attacking you from behind.
  • Loads of equipment and gadgets for gaining an advantage over the opposing team. Grenades, mines, sonar, explosives, deployable shields, and more!
  • Real-life interactions with the environment and game objects – the enemy throws a grenade your way? Throw it back! Teammate under heavy fire and out of ammo? Toss them your spare magazine – everything you’d normally do on a regular battlefield.
  • Realistic weapon behavior – including recoil, damage model, and obstacle penetration. All weapons are enhanced with holographic or laser sights – easy to use in VR.
  • Destructible environment. Doors blocking your way or your enemy using a wooden cover to hide? Smash them, blow them apart, or crash through them. And don’t forget to duck, cover, and keep moving to avoid getting hit. Just like you would in real life!
  • Tagging system – crucial to victory on the battlefield. Remember that knowing your enemy’s position gives you a big advantage and greatly increases your chance of victory.
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