ZergID, the Social Network for MMO Gamers, Reaches Half Million Users


LOS ANGELES – Sept. 30, 2015 – ZergID, the social network for MMO gamers, has blown past the half million user milestone after less than one year in public beta. During the same period ZergID users have added more than 750,000 in-game characters to their profiles.

Developed to specifically target the needs of MMORPG players, ZergID gives users access to a multitude of tools to make organization and communication with fellow MMORPG fans much easier, while optionally maintaining the anonymity their favorite genre provides.ProfilePage

New features are on the horizon for ZergID users. Coming later this year, users will be able to employ a matchmaking feature to discover people at similar ranks and levels in the same games they play, enabling users to easily form parties or teams and schedule events.

Through its recent acquisition of OpenRaid, ZergID will gain tools that provide ZergID users much more detailed information regarding who will be attending events in World of Warcraft. This feature will expand in 2016 to cover other popular games including League of Legends, Guild Wars 2 and Heroes of the Storm.

Also coming to ZergID is a streamlined process for adding characters to users’ accounts. ZergID will utilize log in with so all World of Warcraft characters associated with a specific account can be imported automatically to their ZergID profiles. ZergID plans to work on expanding this streamlined process to other popular MMOs.

FrontPageScreenshotWith many popular YouTubers, Twitch streamers and guilds discovering ZergID, including Siv HD, Method, SkyDoesMinecraft, and Limit Gaming, the social network is becoming one of the fastest growing methods for connecting with gaming personalities and guilds.

“This past year has been one of immense growth and excitement, and we’re going to keep the ball rolling,” said Alex Albrecht, co-founder of ZergID. “Thanks to the upcoming improvements we’re adding to ZergID, connecting with people who share your love and passion for MMOs will be easier than ever” added Shanna Roberts Sarr, VP of Operations.

ZergID will be exiting open beta in 2016.

About Zerg, Inc.

MMORPG gamers Alex Albrecht, former host, G4 and Revision3; and Scott Katz, co-founder, Maker Studios founded Zerg. Inc in 2012 to develop the ZergID social network for MMORPG gamers.

ZergID allows users to find old and new friends, see what games their friends are playing and on which servers and factions they are playing, so members can connect, all under the same anonymity these games provide.

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