Your New Favorite Party-card game, Drinks & Daggers, Launches on Kickstarter Today!

Throw on your armor, grab your blood-drinking sword, and swig a pint of hooch in preparation for the Kickstarter launch of Drinks & Daggers! With an easy-to-follow ruleset (great when you’ve had a few), comedic writing, and gorgeous art, Drinks & Daggers is the perfect game to take to any social gathering. Rather than only relying on alcohol for each rounds’ good time, nicely balanced characters with their own unique powers and playstyles make this card game a great time – even when you’re perfectly sober!

The developers, who also write for and run the award-winning podcast Drunks and Dragons, are joined by a juggernaut in the comic scene with work showcased on trading cards for the Marvel movie franchise.

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“We run a yearly tabletop convention, and we often found ourselves playing the same games over and over. We wanted to play a game that was light enough to bust out with friends while having a drink, but engaging and varied enough that we could keep going back to it. Queue a crazy few years and enough testing drinks to incite liver damage, and Drinks & Daggers is ready to bring to the funding stage”

Michael DiMauro of Carmic Industries, the developers of Drinks and Daggers.


  • 2 – 4 Players can work together to take on fearsome villains with unique challenges to surmount
  • When your HP drops below 0, characters become “Smashed” and a flip of your Character Card reveals a brand new set of powers and stats!
  • No familiarity with the original IP is required – the game is a hilarious and beautifully designed time for anyone!
  • Designed with ease-of-play as a number one priority – rounds take 20 – 30 minutes which means it’s perfect to take to any social gathering
  • Beautifully balanced, full-colored cards featuring ridiculous and gorgeous art
  • Heroes and villains have wildly different playstyles leading to tons of variation and replayability


Drunks and Dragons is an award-winning actual-play, comedy podcast using Dungeons and Dragons as a framework for creating a (mostly) improvised narrative.

Drunks and Dragons has been releasing weekly since November of 2012, and has built a considerable fanbase for a completely independant podcast. As of December 2017, DnD has an estimated 70,000 unique monthly listeners worldwide, and over 600,000 monthly downloads.

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