XBOX ONE X Preorder details rumored to be announced at Gamescom this weekend

Fans have been waiting for Xbox One X preorder pages to go live since E3 2017, and thanks to Xbox chief Phil Spencer, there is confirmation that XBOX ONE X preorder release news is set to be revealed this week by Microsoft….but will it include a date?

The Redmond-based tech giant had previously said the wait for FCC approval had been holding back pre-orders for their upcoming console.

Xbox Chief Phil Spencer recently teased with a promise that Xbox One X pre orders weren’t far away, without providing a time for when a new announcement could be made.

The delay in preorder availability has led many fans to speculate that the announcement was being saved for Gamescom later this month.

This was actually the question posed to Spencer on Twitter, who confirmed that more information would be provided today on the Xbox One X console situation.

“We’ll share more information on this tomorrow,” Spencer replied.

Microsoft has already confirmed that they will be hosting a press conference during Gamescom, which will focus on some of the new titles coming to the Xbox One X.

“We are doing something we haven’t done in awhile at Gamescom, it will be different from what fans expect but I’m excited, I looked at the current list of games doing work for X, exceeded what I thought we’d see. Partners are really supporting.  Yes you will hear about more games supporting X at Gamescom.”

He also discussed possible launch bundles for the Xbox One X, which has a release date of November 7 and a price of $499USD.

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A boost to the potential of the upgraded console is the increase in households owning a 4k TV.

Could we see some big Xbox One X and 4K TV bundles revealed today? There’s a chance, although that’s probably more likely the information being saved for Gamescom.

Tune in Monday August 21 at 5:00am AEST to gamescom to get all the exciting Xbox One X preorder details. And keep an eye on your inbox following the presentation for more information.

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