XBOX Offical Gamescom Conference – August 20, 2017

At 1:00PM MST, the official stream from Cologne, Germany came alive on my XBOX ONE (via Mixer) as myself and most of the gaming world sat in eager anticipation of what Microsoft had in store for us.

Here is a breakdown of what was presented:

The CGI world premiere trailer for Assassin’s Creed: Origins was presented in all its glory. This trailer provided a better insight of the game storyline and a better look into the gaming environment and landscape. The game will be released October 27, 2017 and will be one of the 4K enhanced titles for XBOX ONE X.

The trailer for Playersunknown Battleground was presented, followed by a breakdown of the game with one of the developers regarding gameplay and behind the scenes storyline.

The world premiere for  Jurassic World Evolution where you get to build your own Jurassic world, coming Summer 2018.

Aaron Greenburg, developer, indicated that over 400 titles (and growing) will be available for backwards compatibility on the new XBOX ONE X including those from the XBOX ONE and XBOX 360.

And then the stream crashed for EVERYONE!!!! (oh no…)

The stream came back to a special exclusive game announcing — Recore: Definitive Edition, releasing August 29, 2017. If you are a Game Pass member, get it free.

It was announced if you were watching the stream on XBOX Mixer and were signed in, you could win a copy of the game.

Something big for the PC Gamers was the announcement of the Age of Empires, 20th Anniversary celebration tomorrow. There will be a live stream, live at this time tomorrow, wherein they will release exclusive information regarding the game.

Many games will be utilizing the cross platforming such as between Steam/Windows 10/XBOX Live.

Rise of Nations – real time strategy game, is being brought to Windows 10 and will unite Steam players and Windows 10 players.

This being the fifth holiday season with the Xbox One, it  has been announced that beloved family titles from Disney and fan favorite Zoo Tycoon will land on XBOX Live OCT 31 in full enhanced 4K HDR.

Halo 2 Wars has a new expansion coming with a new campaign and story. You will play as the banished and from a new perspective. New multiplayer maps and fire fight mode. This expansion drops August 26 in full 4K HDR.

A promo for Xbox Game Pass that came out in June, costs $11.99/month, and has access to over 100 games to download and play and add 7 new titles this month. Try it for free for 14 days.

Conversations with main developers on the Xbox One X, talking how gamers pick Xbox because of the access to the biggest franchises in gaming. Xbox One will be exclusive be Forza Motorsport 7, Sea of thieves.  State of decay 2, among other in full 4K HD.

The 4K resolution and power of the Xbox One X, has enhanced by 40% power 60% memory.

100 titles are planned to be enhance for Xbox One X in full 4K HD, from all types including shooter to RPG.

Check out Major Nelson website for all things XBOX news:

Official Gameplay trailer of Forza Motorsport 7:

Provided info on new cars. Is the first game built from bottom up for PC, with 700 available cars and dynamic weather. All designed to full 4K resolution.

This game will have an unlocked frame-rate.

Designed to bring PC and console players into one place and is capable to run on simple devices including ones such as the surface pro 4.

Standard and Deluxe edition available October 3, 2017 and Ultimate Edition available September 29, 2017

Xbox One x Exclusive Release Teaser Trailer (same one as e3)

The transition from Xbox One to Xbox One S to Xbox One X has been made easier. Settings can transfer through Xbox live account, and get all updates downloaded live now before the One X launches and then you don’t have to wait for it to download when the system is first installed and you can jump into the games right away. You can attach external from you Xbox One and plug right into the One X and no need to worry as all your games will work the same.

Some new features already been seen on the One that will be for enhances One X-  when you boot there is a new home screen with enhanced speed and discovery (easy to find info and other players), streaming on Mixer by other players — bringing gamers together, personalization, content blocks to pin people and pin things that you want easy access to see, new guide for speed and layout.

Light mode will be added as the home screen is currently set to always be in dark mode.

Mixer is becoming an easier way to stream live to other players and will be enhanced to allow live game streaming.

State of Decay 2  teaser trailer

Gamers must play State of Decay 1 in order to understand the backstory and gameplay of this one. It is a ruin survival fantasy game that allows you to essentially build your own story. The game will reveal more secrets to the backstory and allow for further discovery. Releases in Spring 2018.

Official World of Tanks War Stories Trailer

Trailer for XBOX Design Lab 

Now has several new options for customization.

ID@XBOX Games Trailer

There was a discussion of the Id@Xbox program which is celebrating its 4th anniversary – 2500 dev kits every month, over 1500 games, over 2 million achievements. Has spawned indie developers such as Big Giant and AAA.

To get in on the developing fun, you can open Xbox to download the software, design your own game and then have it shipped to use on Xbox. It’s something that is open for anyone who wants to create their own game.

Some feature indie games that are coming out include Cup Head, Path of Exile and Raider of Broken Planet.

Sea of thieves Trailer

The big development since E3 is that the game is being developed for cross-play between the Xbox One and Windows 10, allowing for more friends to be able to play together. Release date for both platforms is same day

Minecraft Console Exclusive World Premiere


Middle Earth Shadows of War Exclusive Trailer

There will be released exclusive bundles for this game that will be announced in the future.

There is an exclusive conference from the developer that will be live feed on Tuesday August 22, at 9:30 pm Germany Time that will provide more details and unique special announcements

Cuphead Trailer

The game is  currently active in demo mode , wrapping up development soon. and will support mutli platform.

The game will be available September 29, 2017 on Xbox One, Steam and Windows 10.

Surviving Mars World Premiere

Coming 2018


The World Premiere of the Xbox One X Project Scorpio Edition

Pre-Order is open NOW!

And if that wasn’t enough, Major Nelson himself unboxed a Xbos One X Scorpio Edition LIVE!!


As I am writing this, I have already placed my pre-order for the amazing device. IOt was already sold out at one place in my area so I was lucky that the other one had some left for pre-order. It won’t get here till November 14, 2017….but I’m willing to wait.

The limited edition version: Project Scorpio will sell out fast so pre-order your now.

The XBOX ONE X launches November 7, 2017!!

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