XBOX @ E3 2019 – Highlights

Another E3 has come and gone, and with it was another exciting MICROSOFT/XBOX E3 Briefing live on Mixer.

While this years briefing came with the highlighting of 60 new titles coming to console and PC, a sneak peek into the next generation console, and a boost to the XBOX Game Pass…. the overall wow factor was missing.

Don’t get me wrong, some of the game trailers (especially Gears 5 and Minecraft Dungeons) that were revealed were epic, but unlike the last few years, there wasn’t a big item that made the crowds rushing to pre-order. That is going to be left till 2020 when the dreams will be a reality.


One of the biggest announcements that I enjoyed, is the upgrade in the XBOX Game Pass.

Normally, the XBOX Game pass was a console only program, that allowed gamers to experience exclusive games and a collection of past gaming libraries for a small monthly subscription fee. It was announced that there is now going to be an XBOX Game Pass for PC via a new XBOX App on Windows 10. XBOX Game Pass for PC is designed specifically for PC gamers, with a library of over 100 high quality PC games from over 75 different developers/publishers.

If that wasn’t enough at E3, the XBOX Game Pass Ultimate was announced, merging PC and console gamers into one happy gaming family. With this version of the subscription, you combine the library for console and PC with XBOX Live Gold. The addition of the Live Gold is a huge benefit, as alone this subscription to allow for online multiplayer and exclusive game access is quite costly on a tri-monthly or yearly basis.

So finally, all things you want and need in one place. And during E3, its only $1.00 for your first month – which I have already taken advantage of and started my subscription .


It was only a few years ago that at E3 2017, that XBOX ONE X – Project Scorpio was announced and sent the gaming world ablaze – crashing pre-order servers in minutes.

Well, during its briefing, XBOX demonstrated that it is still committed to further developing consoles that are optimized for gaming – and meeting the ever changing needs of gamers. With that – was the announcement of the next generation console – codename Project Scarlett – that will arrive Holiday 2020. I’m sure it is going to be the hot topic at the next E3 for sure.

Project Scarlett is being developed to tackle an issue all gamers hate – loading lag. Who doesn’t get annoyed when suddenly you are in a game and hit another splash screen just informing you that you that a new environment is being loaded to interface with….zzzzzzz!

Project Scarlett aims to set a new level for console power, speed and performance. It is powered by a customer designed processor, utilizing Zen 2 and Radeon RDNA architecture from AMD. It will have a high bandwidth, GDDR6 memory and a next generation solid state drive (SSD). Main features also will include accelerated raytracing, variable refresh rate, 8K capabilities and ultra low latency input.

I personally am very excited to see this console in its whole come E3 2020.

And even better — the exclusive release of Halo Infiinite.


Console gamers already have the advantage of being able to share their GOLD membership with all profiles on their XBOX ONE, and they can take their profile with them by logging in on any console – anywhere – to keep up that gamer score.

But now, XBOX is giving gamers the power to play any of their game library wherever they want and with whoever they want- with Project xCloud.

xCloud will be a sort of console streaming, where gamers will have full access to their Xbox One game library and XBOX Game Pass titles on the go, streamed directly from an XBOX One console to a mobile device.

Project xCloud will start in beta preview in October 2019.

A New Advanced Controller

For the pro gamers, the announcement of a new wireless controller was a prize moment of the briefing.

XBOX unveiled the XBOX Elite Wireless Controller Series 2, which builds upon the high grade technology of the original elite controller, but adds the further ability for individualized customization. There are now 30 new and improved features including adjustable tension thumbsticks and shorter hair trigger locks. It even allows you to retain memory of three different controller configurations for playing different games so with one click your controller is customized to fit the game you desire to tackle.

The Elite Series 2 will launch November 4, 2019.

The bulk of the briefing was presenting the various games that are in development including 25 games from the ID@XBOX program, 30 premiere games with XBOX Game Pass, 11 World Premieres and 14 games from XBOX Game Studios. Many of them look exciting, including Bleeding Edge, Dying Light 2, Halo Infinite and Minecraft Dungeons.

If you want to watch the entire briefing stream, click on the link below.

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