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WWII Shooter Day of Infamy – Free Flak Tower Update Announced

After countless hours of waging war in the fields and streets of Europe, Day of Infamy, the hardcore WWII shooter from the creators of Insurgency, is bringing the fight indoors with their latest content release featuring Germany’s heavily-fortified flak towers.

The Day of Infamy free Flakturm content update launches today, Thursday December 14, and will be followed by a Steam flash sale the same day at our lowest price ever; $4.99 USD or 75% off.

Players that are new to Day of Infamy can expect to experience hardcore World War II First-Person Shooter combat in both player versus player and cooperative game modes, with an emphasis on teamwork-oriented objectives and high lethality gunplay. Call in fire support, secure objectives, and push the line forward using more than 60 iconic WWII weapons, nine specialized player classes and 33 historic units of the US Army, British Commonwealth, and German Wehrmacht.

The Free Update includes:

  • New Map “Flakturm VII” – A new level features a massive, ominous anti-aircraft structure built to defend German cities from allied bombers.
  • Players must battle and ascend through the interior of the heavily fortified structure to capture objectives and push the enemy team’s back against the wall.
  • New Feature “Droppable Items” – Some classes can now help supply their team by dropping items like ammo pouches, aiding their fellow soldiers in the heat of battle.
  • New Feature “64-bit” – Upgrading the Source engine from 32-bit to 64-bit improves stability and performance for most modern systems. Modders should also see a benefit with more available memory pools.

About Day of Infamy

Day of Infamy started in 2015 as a mod for the Steam Top Seller Insurgency, created by the developers at New World and members of their modding community. Since then, New World has worked hard to stay true to their design roots, established by Insurgency, but also shaped Day of Infamy into a unique World War II shooter that can stand on its own. To date the game has sold over 375,000 copies and has led the WWII shooter revival.

Day of Infamy is available for purchase on SteamThe Humble Store, and a variety of other digital PC game retailers.

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