World of Warships is Out Now! Gather your forces, We Are Clear to Depart!


The wait is over.
World of Warships is officially LIVE! Assemble your fleet, and prepare to experience the thrill of naval warfare like never before.

Join us in commemorating this incredible event with x3 XP for your first battle, all weekend.

Action Stations!

Now that WoWS is live, take this opportunity to meet the Wargaming team by joining thier livestream.

Play World of Warships with us and score some sweet prizes:

  • Premium ships, Premium account time, and maybe even Doubloons!

Join us live on Twitch from 11:00 PT – 18:00 PT for Launch Day.

The legend of the Tripitz

The first German ship makes its way to World of Warships. Armed with 4 torpedoes on each side, its fast turning, high-penetration guns make it a powerful force at sea. Get yours today!


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