Wine-making tycoons rejoice– Terroir decants out of Early Access on September 20!

Tastemakers of the games industry take note. Terroir, the upcoming winemaking tycoon game by General Interactive Co. is set to launch out of Early Access on September 20th for Windows, Mac OSX, and Linux!

Manage your estate, grow a variety of grapes, and craft renowned wine to maximize your profits in Terroir. Players get to choose from different varieties of grapes, craft them into wines, get them reviewed by wine critics and develop relationships with your suppliers to get the best prices. Customize your vineyard and expand it to up to 34 tiles as you follow your vision of the perfect estate.

Tending to your virtual vineyard isn’t always easy as unpredictable weather, and the harsh realities of winemaking take hold, but fear not, you’re more than capable of crafting the finest wine on this side of the world wide web with a bit of perseverance.

About General Interactive Co.

General Interactive Co. is a small team of game designers striving to make worlds that people can escape to. We want to create games that aren’t only fun, but provide players with a sense of discovery and immersion. With the core of the team based out of Singapore and the UK, we aim to focus on the tycoon, simulation and management genres, with a keen eye on good storytelling.

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