When Pigs Fly

Sept 10th, 2015 – Once upon a time, Degica Games & Pigasus Games worked together to create a silly story about a man turned into a pig and a gnome turned into… well… a different kind of gnome, and their quest to return to their true selves. As they adventure, they’ll destroy all that was holy to your childhood, from close encounters with three bears to the betrayal of Sir Isaac Newton. Behold, as the two unlikely heroes quest to reclaim what they once had, inAdventurezator: When Pigs Fly, coming to Steam for Windows and Mac on September 17, 2015.

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Think that story sucks? Think you can do better? We do, and that’s why Adventurezator is more than just a pigsfly7game; it’s an entire adventure game building kit! More than just a single level editor, you can craft huge branching quests linked together in a single campaign. Create or use a huge variety of props, characters, triggers, systems, and editors to build any adventure game you’ve dreamt of. From combat to voice acting to scheduled events, timers, and tried and true “pick up everything” adventure games, Adventurezator has the keys to unlock your inner game developer.

See what has already been created in the Steam Workshop at and discover how adventure really begins when pigs fly!

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