We moved servers!

Just wanted to fill everyone in on what has been going on with us.

On Monday June 26th our web-host decided to update the security of their service, which caused a little outage, and when they turned the service back on, they also corrected a few calculation errors with regards to how server space is used.  As such, we were limited to 25GB with our hosting package, but we didn’t realize that we had used 390% of said 25gb.  Because of this, our ability to received emails was compromised and we were unable to do anything.

Since our current web-host was not offering hosting services other than grandfathered in clients, we decided to move to a new hosting service with an unlimited plan, but the migration to the new server was a bit of a pain, because of our disk overage on the old host, we needed to work a little magic in order to get a backup created so it could be migrated.

As of Thursday June 29th, this migration was completed, and our website is now running on the new host, but we are currently working on a few minor issues with the design of the site not being the way we want them.

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