Vivox Announces Voice Chat Integration in Unreal Engine 4 Available Now

Vivox, a wholly owned subsidiary of Unity Technologies and provider of the leading cross-platform voice and text communication tools for games, is pleased to announce the integration of the company’s voice technology into Epic’s Unreal Engine 4. Available today as part of Unreal Engine 4.22, this combination allows game developers to utilize the voice chat service without installing a separate SDK, making it easier than ever to add voice chat to online games. Millions of gamers have already utilized Vivox’s voice service in massive Unreal Engine games like Fortnite, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG), and Conan Exiles.

“We believe in empowering creators to choose the technologies that best suit their UE4 projects. Now Unreal Engine 4 developers can easily integrate voice chat into their games using Vivox.”

Nick Penwarden, Director of Engine Development at Epic Games.

The integration into UE4 continues Vivox’s effort to lower the barrier of entry into the multiplayer market for all developers. All Vivox game engine integrations, plug-ins, and SDKs continue to be free for developers up to 5,000 peak concurrent users in voice. All developers have access to the same features, which include crossplay enabled comms, 3D positional chat, multichannel support, server-based functionality and more.

“Time and again we’ve seen that the future of the industry is democratizing development and opening tools and resources to everyone, no matter the size. We knew we needed to give all teams the option to utilize our services as easily and quickly as possible. Now indie games like Hell Let Loose, Islands of Nyne, Darwin Project have all taken advantage of this service, while we still proudly support blockbuster games like Fortnite and PUBG. The integration into UE4 continues to push our service into the hands of more developers, and we cannot wait to see future projects on every platform.”

Dave Verratti, president of Vivox.
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