Vivox Announces Agreement to Bring Voice Chat to Nexon’s KartRider: Drift

Vivox, a wholly owned subsidiary of Unity Technologies and provider of the world’s best cross-platform voice and text communication tools for games, is pleased to announce an agreement with Nexon Korea, a leading publisher of online games, to provide communications technology for Nexon’s portfolio of multiplayer games. Vivox will become an essential piece of Nexon’s ecosystem by managing, operating and hosting voice comms. Nexon’s upcoming “KartRider: Drift” will be utilizing Vivox’s technology to provide an improved social and community experience to gamers all over the world.

“Vivox and Nexon have a deep understanding of the importance of community building, cooperation between users and fellowship, and smooth communication is essential for this. Vivox’s superior technology and service will help Nexon’s goal of providing more differentiated gameplay.” 

Stephen Lee, head of Global Business Development at Nexon Korea.

The agreement will allow Nexon titles to benefit from Vivox’s unique set of technologies such as 3D positional chat, cross-platform communications, Nintendo Switch compatibility, and engine-agnostic SDKs. Vivox’s managed service and technology connects hundreds of millions of gamers every month in games such as “Fortnite,” “PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG),” “League of Legends,” and “Rainbow Six: Siege.” By providing only the highest quality audio along with industry-defining features, Vivox and Nexon will continue to drive engaging multiplayer experiences.

“Nexon’s commitment to their global community is at the core of this partnership, the need to have a high quality, stable, and error-free experience was critical, and Vivox can provide that peace of mind to AAA caliber teams like Nexon. With our tools and technical expertise, Nexon developers know they will be able to implement a fantastic voice chat experience for their players while continuing to be creative in their exploration of new, amazing games.”

Dave Verratti, president of Vivox.
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