Vigor Season 6: Junkers Adds Night Maps and Shelter Additions

Bohemia also announces Xbox Series S and Series X launch, confirming that all next-gen consoles will launch with Vigor.

Bohemia Interactive is proud to announce the release of Season 6: Junkers, for Vigor, which will be available on Wednesday, November 11th, and the team is also excited to confirm that Vigor is coming to Xbox Series S and Series X at launch. Vigor will take advantage of steady 4K gameplay and enhanced visuals via auto-HDR on the next-gen platform.

Season 6 of Vigor introduces a new map called Anikken and night versions of current maps along with new weapons and tools. The fresh armaments in your arsenal include the sawed-off shotgun, RPK-74, M3 (fighting knife), ZA M76, Decoy tool, and armor plates.

Season 6: Junkers Features:

  • New Battle Pass
  • Anikken map
  • Night maps
  • Vinyl records (mementos)
  • Record player in the Shelter
  • New Shelter mini-game: Tic-tac-toe
  • Disruptive tower (Encounter event)
  • New achievements tab
  • Healing of others
  • Challenge rewards reworked to special crates
  • Map dynamics
  • New weapons
  • New tools
  • Spectator switching

The theme for Season 6 is Junkers. These outlanders are the raiders of Anikken and they defend themselves with strong armor and shifty decoy tools. While you chip away at them, you must beware their disruptive towers which disable your signal detection. 

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