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Budapest, Hungary – October 2, 2015 – Prior Games – comprised of a veteran team whose development credits include The Witcher 2, Silent Hill: Shattered Memories, Sine Mora, and much more – has just launched a Kickstarter campaign for its very first game, the highly original and ambitious Verona.Verona_original2

Launching to PC pending a successful Kickstarter (as well as both PlayStation 4 and Xbox One as potential Stretch Goals), Verona takes place in a pre-apocalyptic Earth already left behind by the wealthy and the privileged. Gamers take up the reigns and guide a team of extractors – 22nd century treasure hunters – who secure and transport anything desirable from our dying planet to the inter-galactic colonies, regardless of size, where they await their wealthy collectors. Inspired by the cult television series Firefly and Shakespeare’s timeless classic Romeo and Juliet, Verona is a third-person action adventure that keeps on challenging you to ponder the material or emotional value of the riches you find.

Verona_originalMuch like the Montague and Capulet families from Shakespeare’s classic work, there are two main factions at odds with each other in Verona – the Global Traffic Department, which represents the authoritative force in charge of legally extracting artifacts from Earth, and the Extractors, who are essentially treasure hunters and are at constant odds with the GTD over getting to Earth’s remaining precious bounties. Verona’s Romeo is an Extractor and our Juliet is the daughter of a high-ranking GTD officer – how they live or die is completely dependent upon the players of Verona and the choices they make in each of the five episodes of gameplay.

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Prior Games is an independent game development studio based in Budapest, Hungary, founded in October 2011 by the creative team behind Sine Mora, the highly rated co-development effort between Digital Reality and Grasshopper Manufacture. For more information, please visit

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