Unnamed Goose Game – Adorable game about being a stelthy goose on the loose

A charming game about being stealthy goose on the loose.

Imagine you are a waterfowl hanging out in a nearby lake waiting to terrorize a groundskeeper at his work, along with other naughtiness including getting into the garden, stealing the groundskeepers keys, soaking him with a hose or stealing a bunch of his produce for your own lovely picnic. There is an endless list of things you can do in order to be a real nuisance.

Utilize your canny mixture of distraction and web toed stealth and iconic honk to cause chaotic havoc throughout the day.

There’s no official name for this Goose game but it should be a good one, as it comes from the developer House House, the minds behind the bizarre game Push Me Pull You.


Unnamed Goose Game is due 2018.

Checkout the Pre-Alpha Gameplay Trailer below

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