Unlock new 6-star heroes in ’18: Dream World!’

GameSamba has announced today that new six-star units are now available in the puzzle RPG, “18: Dream World”!

Designed in part by legendary game designer Tetsuya Mizuguchi and developed by mobcast inc., “18: Dream World” takes place in the mysterious dream world, where players must form a team of characters and overcome a variety of challenges to save the real world from a dangerous sleeping illness.

The game features a wide variety of characters and stages, ranging from abstract concepts to famous figures from literature and history. New six-star characters include evolutions of fan-favorites such as Genius Einstein, Emerald Dorothy, and Omnipotent Zeus.

This summer, an anime based on the game, called “18if”, began airing. Fans can watch the show via Funimation Now.

Later this year, additional updates will come to “18: Dream World”, including new story stages, new special events, and more!

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