Unholy twin stick shooter meets tower defence in “One Shell Straight to Hell”. Coming soon to deliver an unforgettable exorcism on pc and console.

“ONE SHELL STRAIGHT TO HELL” pits a heavily armed Padre Alexander against hordes of demons and the possessed in an isometric dungeon crawling, rogue-lite twin stick shooter with a heavy helping of base defense mechanics and a surly attitude.

Developed by Shotgun with Glitters, “ONE SHELL STRAIGHT TO HELL” is a completely new spin on the art of exorcism and demon hunting. The player gets to play the part of the world-famous fist of the papal order, renowned presenter at Vatican TV, Exorcist at International Association of Exorcists and the one and only internationally licensed demon-hunting priest: Father Padre Alexander.

Simply known as the Padre to his friends and foes alike, he is a bad-ass demon hunter and a man of the cloth. He is no ordinary priest, being sarcastic towards God, church and most of all human and demonic behavior. He is not quite sane as an ordinary person but his insights into human life and tragedy can sometimes resonate with everyman. 

The Game:

With “ONE SHELL STRAIGHT TO HELL” Padre comes to assist the Halliwell family, who for generations have been keeping an earthly entrance to hell in check. The portal was quiet for far too long and such the residents of the mansion slowly forgot their task, thinking of their burden more as a fairy tale. 

Descend into ever-changing dungeons that overflow with demonic enemies that pit the player against relentless waves of satanic hordes. Bristling with a collection of monsters and bosses determined to lay waste to the world, the player must use an assortment of ludicrous weapons and traps to hold them at bay and complete the Papal sanctioned mission.


  • A refreshing blend of gaming styles: dungeon-crawling shooter meets tower defense with strong rogue-lite replay-ability – it’s all about fast-paced action and challenging combinations of weaponry and enemies.
  • Engaging gameplay meets compelling storylines, The Padre’s bad attitude and comedic timing make him a memorable character for players to engage with.
  • The Voxel Art style of One Shell Straight to Hell pays tribute to an age of gaming creating a stylish re-imagining of the horror classics. 
  • Base defense sessions. When not busy dungeon-crawling, Padre Alexander will have to defend the mansion from hordes of enemies building traps, global enchantments, and powerups.
  • Perplexing monsters- Ranging from the possessed kitchen drawer to drunken long-dead pirate captains and, I almost forgot, demons… a lot of demons.
  • Regular weapons using varieties of ammunition, holy weapons drawing on your faith and unholy weapons craving for your blood.
  • Skill tree that makes you stronger and adds to the strategy. 
  • Randomly generated ‘dungeon’ maps.
  • And more crazy absurd stuff to be announced!

“One Shell Straight to Hell and The Padre have been a large part of what we have been working at over the past twelve months. Not only do we think that the game itself will be one of the more successful chapters in the Feardemic story, but the protagonist “Padre Alexander” also represents a multitude of opportunities for the company over the coming years. We look forward to working with Shotgun with Glitters on building a strong and durable franchise.”

Scott Millard, Managing Director at FEARDEMIC

“We are very happy for the opportunity to show our audience another face of our favorite priest and try our hands in another genre with One Shell Straight to Hell. We hope gamers will look forward to the whirlwind of combat in our base-building shooter that we working hard to finish”

Bence Zilahy, Co-Founder at SHOTGUN WITH GLITTERS
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