tinyBuild signs award-winning brawler Check-in, Knock-out from student team Lionade Games

tinyBuild Games has made the next step in its bid for indie publishing world domination, signing incredible multiplayer brawler Check-in, Knock-out to the tinyBuild stable.  You’ve booked a hotel room, but it turns out that this fine establishment has quadruple-booked. You and up to three other guests decide to settle it with an old fashioned brawl in the hotel room!

In the award-winning Check-in, Knock-out from Lionade Games, you can pick up anything you find in the hotel room, including the level and platform tiles, and lob them at your friends to knock them out.  Each character has unique special abilities that give them their own distinctive playstyle – plus, the game is quick-to-learn, yet features a tasty level of depth for those who seek more advanced techniques. hat makes this announcement even more exciting for tinyBuild, is that Lionade Games is made up of students from the nearby Hilversum School of Arts in the Netherlands. fa080e45-9d95-411b-aaa1-0b0f2fed37d3
Not only has the team already won the “Best Student Art Direction” and “Best Student Game Design” awards at this year’s Dutch Game Awards, but starting from January tinyBuild will be providing office space for the team to concentrate on getting the game ready for next summer.  “Signing this fantastic, fast-paced brawler from Lionade Games was quite the no-brainer,” said Alex Nichiporchik, CEO of tinyBuild, mid champagne-sip. “tinyBuild already has a reputation for great multiplayer games like SpeedRunners and BOID, so Check-in, Knock-out is going to compliment our current catalogue remarkably.”

Check-in, Knock-out is due to launch on PC and consoles in summer 2015. You’ll be able to catch your first play of the game at PAX South next month — well, as long as our PAX hotel doesn’t turn out to be double-booked.  This latest signing comes as part of tinyBuild’s new and improved indie publishing strategy, as revealed earlier this week with the hiring of former game critic Mike Rose
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About Lionade Games
Lionade Games is a student team from the Hilversum School of Arts in the Netherlands. The group put together the basis for Check-in, Knock-out in just under a month as part of a school assignment, before deciding that it was just too good not to take further. Lionade was born, and the team is now making Check-in, Knock-out into a full game for PC and consoles.

61fb4eb0-3805-44f2-be41-de0cddf357daAbout tinyBuild Games
Founded in 2011, tinyBuild started life as an indie developer with zany platformer No Time to Explain. In the following years the studio began co-development on popular multiplayer title SpeedRunners, before signing half a dozen great third-party games as an indie publisher. Now tinyBuild is moving into 2015 with PC, consoles and mobile in mind, and the future couldn’t look any more exciting for the company.

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