tinyBuild releasing Snail Bob 2 on Sept 24th, first family friendly release

Just a few weeks ago tinyBuild released Party Hard, a game about…. stopping parties. This year we’ve released a variety of games – from comedy platformers like No Time To Explain, to a devious dark humor sheep slicing game Divide By Sheep.

Next week is different. On September 24th tinyBuild will release its first family-friendly game Snail Bob 2.

  • Indie publisher tinyBuild takes a turn to family-friendly games
  • Publishes sequel of a cult hit kids game
  • Aimed at gamers with young kids
  • Solve puzzles together
  • Original played over a billion times on web & iOS
  • Compare Snail Bob vs Cut The Rope in Google Trends
  • Watch the trailer
  • Coming to Steam & iOS Sept 24; other platforms to follow

Snail Bob 2 follows the continued exploits of a snail called Bob, who must solve a series of puzzles and problems to reach his goal on each level. Players flip switches, activate lasers and scare away monsters to help Bob stay alive.
snailbob1 snailbob2 snailbob3 snailbob4
As with the original popular release, the game has a big focus on being kid and family-friendly, as parents and children can work together to solve the logic puzzles and suss out Bob’s means for survival.

Along the way there are stars to collect¬†dotted around each level, that will allow you to unlock special hats for Bob to wear. Because let’s be honest, it’s not a real game unless it has unlockable hats.

Plus, there are special jigsaw pieces hidden deep in the game, that can be pieced together to unlock more special stuff. And if you manage to collect all the stars in the game, you’ll unlock even more levels! You’re going to be unlocking a bunch of stuff, basically.

Oh, and if you’re the sort of person who likes to know how many levels there are, we’re talking over 100 levels spread across three worlds, with more content on the way post-launch.

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