tinyBuild Games signs Divide By Sheep, a math-based puzzler about slicing sheep

tinyBuild Games, best known for PC gaming mainstays like SpeedRunners and No Time to Explain, continues its emphatic third-party publishing push today with the reveal of Divide By Sheep, a colorful yet dark maths-based puzzler from Bread Team.

The lifeboats are ready to carry the sheep home, but bouncing your woolly compadres to safety will be easier said than done, thanks to limited island space, hungry wolves and, erm, laser walls that threaten to slice your sheepies in half.

Of course, if you have one too many sheep to fit on the lifeboat, you might want to slice a couple of them in two and tape them back together afterwards. Not that Divide By Sheep is a dark comedy or anything.

Divide By Sheep, due for simultaneous release on mobile and Steam in the coming months, is a production from Russian and Ukrainian team Bread Team, with funding and additional producing from tinyBuild. Here’s the first trailer for you to feast your eyes on:

We’re talking over 100 puzzles in total across four worlds, taking “lambs to the slaughter” a little too literally — and it’s not just the sheep you have to save, slice and/or dice. Pigs and wolves are going to need your help now and again, while the sinister Dark World seeing you purposely handing your sheepy friends over to the grim reaper to fill his death boat.

Divide By Sheep was born out of an idea to design a fun maths-based puzzler… but it quickly turned dark,” said tinyBuild’s Alex Nichiporchik from the shadows, an evil grimace adorning his facial region. “Signing up Bread Team immediately was the only reasonable response to seeing what Divide By Sheep had to offer.”

Coming to Steam and mobile very soon


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